November 28, 2022

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The triangle with Louis Suarez, so Chivas uses its luxury reinforcement

To the Guadalajara Club A move in the winter market involving the Uruguayan invasion will benefit him Louis Suarez, Who will leave Atletico de Madrid Join MLS’s Inter Miami, where they will remove Rodolfo Pizarro, Reinforcement of the dream of all Rojiblanka fans Closing competition 2022.

+ Shivas Stove football heading to the 2022 Glasura of the MX League

According to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, David Beckham, One of the key partners of the American team The offer for Uruguay players will start Become a player Flamingos, but they have to open a place abroad, which is where Rodolfo Pizarro’s name comes from.

Mexican came to Inter in 2020 But he did not have the game he expected as a franchise player, so they would allow him to borrow The only option for the team that wants to take their salary, i.e. Chivas Incorporate this important expense to recoup one of your figures.

Last season the Joker played in 27 games and scored three goals and provided five assists. However, its performance did not meet the expectations of both fans As far as leadership is concerned, today it is seen as an important currency Change your salary without continuing to pay or at least drop it.

Alexis Vega will be key to Pizarro’s comeback

Guadalajara’s finances have not improved in recent years, but in recent years Hours Alexis Vega spreads the version of Selvar to Monteri In exchange for 6 million euros, it will go directly to the company’s coffers and take responsibility Higher salary like Pizarro.

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