November 28, 2022

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The transformation of DD Oscar Tabares into ‘immediate’ in Uruguay is under intense scrutiny; Former ucas technician Diego Aguirre, one of the leading candidates in football | Sports

Defeats against Argentina (3-0) and Brazil (4-1) “trigger the end of a cycle”, the Uruguayan press reports.

After two defeats in a landslide and a draw, Uruguay’s last three days at the World Cup have caused a rift between those who ask the head of coach Oscar Washington Dabares and those who insist that Qatar 2022 is still achievable. The data show that reality lands in the middle of the table where Celeste is located on the South American qualifying list.

Before facing Colombia, Argentina and Brazil, Sarruvas appeared third in the qualifiers. After three games and one point, they are in fifth place: a painfully familiar place for Uruguay, which offers the opportunity to play in the play-offs against a team from another continent to attend the World Cup.

This daily Saturday CountryFrom the Montevideo, “Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) executive (team) Celeste is actively analyzing the change of coach” and in short “The persecution against Argentina and Brazil, the loss of the confidence of the football players” and the lack of contact and motivation of the players in Manaus is the end of a cycle.

To journalist Daniel Rosa, from OvationThe El Boss Sports Supplement states, “The 2010 South African national team and the 2011 Copa Amrica have already expired or the rest are not the same. We need to add coach Oscar Tabares to this last group.

‘Bad pictures’

Meanwhile, according to the Uruguayan capital’s newspaper, “Of course change is on the table. Yes, the AUF executive began to seriously analyze the end of Oscar Tabares’ rotation, led by the Uruguayan football team, after the team’s poor performances in two matches against Argentina and Brazil.

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“During the leaders’ first trip to Uruguay, it was explained that there was a divorce in communication and motivation.

According to El Paso, the possibility of Tabares being released from his duties is imminent. “The decision to fire Tabares will be accepted immediately” because “there is a sense of urgency to train differently today. Make different decisions.”

Of candidates

There is talk of a possible replacement for Tabares, who qualified for the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and was the highest scorer in the successful cycle that won the 2011 Copa Amrica. This Saturday Country He noted, “They have accurate names that can be reversed. This is not a huge list, but it’s important because Diego Aguirre and Fabian Coyote are there.”

Diego Aguirre, Uruguay coach, managed Axis in 2006. Photo: Archive

The note adds, “It is noteworthy that as the situation progresses as a team leader to the point of completing the work of the world’s longest-running coach, it is significant that innovation will emerge late over the weekend because of the new reservation and the need for new coaches to interact with footballers in the short term.

When the newspaper Viewer, From the Montevideo, in mind, he felt lost with Brazil, “the revolt and the emotional response never found again. For many years Uruguay lost the defensive identity it deserves. While there, the phrase “we have a chance mathematically” became a c-phrase.

‘Hunger for blood’

But there are also voices asking for patience and should not remove Tabares. “I know I oppose what many people want, and I still believe that Uruguay will qualify for the World Cup if they correct their bloodthirsty (…) mistakes,” the commentator wrote on Twitter. ESPN Diego Munas.

The journalist admitted the problems of his choice, but took aim against harsh criticism. “It gives me a little thing in the worst moment of the same team, it made them celebrate, shout and cry. But everyone is happy with what they want,” Munos said. (D)