September 29, 2022

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The struggle for the title of La Liga continues even after Atletico’s victory over Real Sociedad

If Real Madrid lose to Granada this Thursday, the calculator to close Aliron will start to catch fire in the last two days.

The Atletico de Madrid Took a leap to the topic this Wednesday Lalika, Used Barcelona’s puncher during a visit to Levante (3-3) and knocked Real Sociedad (2-1) four points away from Barcelona and five points away from Real Madrid, the game is pending this Thursday at Grenade.

In the meantime he Barcelona After exploding himself with an unexpected draw against a team that played nothing and wasting 0-2 in favor, The Athletes Passed on a priori commitment is complex but resolved in the right way by men Diego Simeon.

If he is Real Madrid Defeat against him Granada This Thursday, the calculator for closing Aliron will start to catch fire in the last two days. The other two applicants could not make up the distance as six points were at stake and its candidacy hung by a thread. They will need a miracle.

But before starting the calculations, The Athletes The front half worked The real community, Which does not yet link to one of the two live posts Europa League With Villarreal from seventh. The Basque team wants to get rid of the awkwardness of competing in previous rounds Europa League It still does not solve that problem.

The fault was a standard red and white first half, in which Belgian Yannick Karasco and Argentina Angel Korea They progressed Athletes, Then took the lead with three worthy interventions by Slovenian John Oblak, especially the chance of Alexander Isaac of Sweden.

In the second half, Rojiblanco’s third goal was closer than the first Real Sociedad and Atletico Except for the last length of the fight he was determined. Igor Jupeltia’s goal in the end, ten minutes to go, fed some demons, and finally Atletico did not seem to ride straight to the title. Only 180 minutes separate him from his eleventh trophy.

This is the rest of the way to the top four in La Liga:

4. Seville – 74 points