December 7, 2022

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The struggle for the La Liga title continues even after Barcelona’s defeat against Granada

With five days out of the Spanish league, nothing is defined and the fight for Aleran is more alive than ever.

Barcelona missed the chance to be a leader Lalika After appearing to Granada in a pending battle, they were third with five days to go before the Spanish finished the match.

With this decision, the Catalan team remained with 71 units remaining, just below Real Madrid, adding the same number of points, and Atletico de Madrid retaining the top spot with 73 points due to Catalans’ setback.

With this defeat, the capital of Madrid was shaken and played in 33 matches and all in all, it depended on “Colconeros” to be the champions of the Iberian tournament.

On match day 34, Atletico face Else, who will come to Barca Mestalla to clash with Real Madrid and Valencia against Osasuna.

Now, if Lionel Messi and the company want to be champions, they have to wait for both teams in the Spanish capital to lose one game, they will win the remaining matches, and only then will they be champions.

According to Merrings, they need to win the remaining matches and hope Atletico will lose one of the remaining five matches.

Meanwhile, on the day of the match 35 Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid clash could decide more. The La Liga champions can define this fight because whoever wins they can be the leader or if a tie occurs they will lead Real Madrid to the top.

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With nothing said, five games to go, Lalika is more alive than ever.