The Stereos Heat Up Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre


StereosIt’s been a cold and blustery week in Vancouver but nothing compared to what this pop rock band from Edmonton is accustomed to. The Stereos really got us moving and heated things up at the Vogue Theatre. Their self-titled debut studio album was released on October 20, 2009. Since then The Stereos have been steadily moving up the Canadian charts and gaining popularity while touring across Canada.

The opening acts The Envy, The Artist Life, The Midway State, and headliner the Stereos put on an all ages show this evening. I looked to my left and saw a child as young as eight with his father and then to the right and saw a grandmother dancing to the music.

The crisp, clean sounds of the three guitars, drums and base, accompanied with the light show and lead vocals of Pat Kordyback were a welcome sound at 10:14 pm that satisfied the chanting of over 400 people in the packed crowd.

The band was quite high energy. Every couple of seconds one of the five band members would switch places on the stage fueled by the cheers of their fans.

The Stereos started their set by singing “Addicted”. The female fans went crazy, heads bouncing and singing along to the lyrics with Pat K. By the time the second song “Get with You” started, the area in front of the stage to the first row was filled to capacity. Far East Movement made a guest appearance on the track and assisted the band with throwing paraphernalia into the screaming crowd.

Before the third song was played, Robb Chalifoux on the rhythm guitar hyped up the crowd by saying how glad they all were to be in Vancouver and professed their love for us ~ and how awesome it is that Vancouver loves them back. Of course the crowd responded with a deafening roar. Pat K continued with the welcome and I thought to myself that his vocals sound similar to the lead singer from Hedley when that band first started out.

“Butterflies” was next in their set and The Stereos gave the crowd what they wanted. They also took the opportunity to yell out some “shout outs” to The Envy, The Artist Life and The Midway State. During that time I was admiring Aaron Verdonk on the drums and his trademark white rimmed sunglasses.

The fourth song “Turn it Up” did just as the title states as there was a bit of moshing action center stage.

One of my favorite songs of the night was “Jet Black Cadillac”. All I saw was a sea of hands in the air, heads bobbing, and the crowd belting out the words. The song does have some catchy lyrics and it is infused with pop, rock and hip hop.

Pat K had the crowd laughing as he said the next song was “the story of his life”. The song was titled “She Only Likes Me When She’s Drunk”. I thought this song had a great beat as I was moving my hips. The men in this band really have a way with the crowd, it’s magical the way they engage them.

The next song of the night was dedicated to us – Vancouver BC. It was one of their hottest songs that is getting a lot of air time on the radio these days “Throw Your Hands Up”. Everyone had their hands up. What made this song even more fun is that Jhevon Paris came out on stage along with ALL the other bands that played earlier in the evening, including the Stereos crew members. It was a big hit with us all.

There was a method to their madness, as it was their Sound Tech’s birthday, Jon Weizman a.k.a Weezy. The Stereos got everyone on stage so that the band and the fans could sing Happy Birthday to him. They presented Weezy with a large birthday cake and he was pretty good at blowing the candles out in two breaths.  I wonder what he wished for.

Pat K then said it was time to sing their last song of the night, which was “Summer Girl”. As the crowd was singing along to the chorus and really the entire song, I checked the time and saw that they had only been on stage for half an hour. We were promised an hour long intimate show.

To my chagrin The Stereos did leave the stage but returned 30 seconds into the chant of “encore”. The first encore song they played was “Hey Cupid” which contains a wonderful rock / reggae beat.

Jhevon Paris was a crowd pleaser during the second encore song, a new hit titled “Never Ever”. This song featured Pat K singing falsetto and it was actually lyrically pleasing and complemented Jhevon’s rapping very well. At the end of the song Jhevon threw his brown and white plaid scarf into the crowd. I was envious that I wasn’t closer to the front as I would have fought to obtain that souvenir!

Before the very last song of the evening, Pat K yells out “Would anyone like to take us home tonight?” I thought to myself oh dear, this is a PG 13 rated show. I’m sure the females’ temperature in the crowd went up a couple more degrees. But Pat K finished his comment by promoting the band through asking us to buy their CDs that are on sale. Phew. It could have gotten messy in there.

The Stereos ended on an upbeat song titled “Bye Bye Baby”. Overall I was impressed with this group – debut CD, only one month on tour and they put on a great show. The ladies [and fellows] loved The Stereos and their stage presence.

One thing I do know is that over the holidays my stereo will be playing The Stereos.

Click here for more photos of the Stereo Concert.

December 9, 2009
Vogue Theatre
Vancouver, BC

Review By Simoné Browne
Photos By Andrew Chin
RockStar Weekly

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