November 28, 2022

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The state of Texas bans the wearing of masks in schools and violates student rights Univision News United States

A federal judge has ruled that Texas bans the wearing of masks in schools Violates the law of disabled Americans, According to court documents filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court.

Federal District Judge Lee Eagle ruled in Austin that the ban, ordered by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, violated federal law protecting access. Students with disabilities to public education.

Texas, a non-profit advocacy group, has filed a federal lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath on behalf of several Texas families. 19.

“Children with certain underlying conditions affected by COVID-19 are more likely to experience severe biological consequences and should be admitted to the hospital and hospital intensive care unit,” the lawsuit said.

In his conclusion, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton barred Yegel from prosecuting school districts for requiring students to wear masks as a safety precaution. Paxton has already sued 15 school districts Those local mask orders should be revoked.

“Governor Abbott’s executive order clearly violates federal law, and enforcement of Attorney General Paxton’s orders against school districts has now been suspended,” Kim Davis Johnson said. Disability Rights Texas in a Report.

“As decided by the court, Texas is not above federal law, And state authorities cannot prevent school districts from providing shelter to students who are particularly vulnerable to the RIGHT-19 risks.

The Texas attorney announced he would appeal the judge’s decision

According to court documents filed Wednesday, Texas Independent School Districts can choose whether to implement the masking orders in the 2020-2021 school year.

One step University of Texas / Texas Tribune Study, The same newspaper quoted, 57% of voters support the need to wear masks in indoor public spaces based on local conditions, while 58% support the need for students and staff in public schools.

In contrast, 40% oppose requirements in public places and 39% oppose the mandatory use of masks in schools.