May 20, 2022

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The severity of the injury of a Warriors star has been confirmed


Ahead of Game 5 of the NBA 2022 playoffs against the Denver Nuggets, the severity of the injury to the Golden State Warriors star was confirmed. Hard blow to Stephen Curry!

Stephen Curry and Andre Igudola
© Carlos Avila Gonzalez / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty ImagesStephen Curry and Andre Igudola

Golden State Warriors Gradually stepped inside 2022 NBA Playoffs With the big news that he’s got most of his star players saved by James Wiseman, they have no doubt in the first three games of the first round against the Denver Nuggets. However, there was a loss and another unexpected novelty goes into Game 5: One of the stars of the team is injured. Heavy blows Stephen Curry!

With Nicola Joachim The Warriors have found that as the primary attack weapon in the paint, the Knuckets star is less likely to defend. Tremond Green defended the ruling NBA MVP for a long time, but was knocked out in Game 4. That’s where the injured Golden State star came to the rescue.

Andrew Igudola He was limited to playing 31 games in the regular season due to injury, and despite averaging 4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game, the three-time champion experience with the Golden State Warriors is more than enough. Playoffs.

After recording four assists, two rebounds and one block in Game 1 of the playoffs against Denver Nuggets, Igudola missed Game 2 and returned to Games 3 and 4, but he did not attend. Fifth Fight, Wednesday, April 27, 22:00 ET, Because the severity of his injury was confirmed.

The severity of Andre Igudola’s injury has been confirmed at the Golden State Warriors

Game 5 Golden State Warriors lost to Andre Igudola. Through the Denver Nuggets Playoffs 2022 A cervical injury Due to its gravitational pull, The NBA will leave him for at least a week from the post season Until re-evaluated. Heavy blows Stephen Curry Because if the San Francisco team qualifies, the champion with the Dubs will miss the other first round series and the start of the second round.

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