December 1, 2022

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The Senate has 11 COVID-19 positive employees

Since the return of Easter, eleven staff members of the Senate of Puerto Rico have tested positive for the COVID-19 corona virus.

The press office confirmed this information to Metro Puerto Rico, pointing out that they were going to test all employees tomorrow.

The lawsuit comes after four cases were reported last week, including those of Senator Rosamar Trujillo, two staff members of Sergeant at Arms and one of the Energy Commission headed by Senator Javier Upont Dolmau.

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As pointed out, the longest known week is one and a half weeks before the end of the holiday and the additional cases are positive.

Tomorrow, Louis A. At the Ferrer parking lot, all Senate staff will be tested in this situation.

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the Puerto Rican government amended the curfew order at 10pm and the executive order to close businesses and establishments at 9pm, although this did not limit the capacity percentage of the population. In addition, schools were ordered to close and a virtual return to the education system, a decision criticized by a group of mothers and fathers who protested in front of La Fortaleza last Saturday.

There are currently 103,957 confirmed cases in Puerto Rico, with 2,162 deaths and 406 hospital admissions for 21 minorities and 385 adults.

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