November 30, 2022

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The Saratoga Hotel in Havana was destroyed in the blast

A The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Saratoga hotel in Havana, Cuba. This has left a panorama of the ruins and videos already circulating on social networks suggest that bodies are trapped under it.

There are rumors that it was a boiler explosion, others there are rumors that it was an attack, but so far there is no official confirmation. Unconfirmed reports indicate that children were injured at Concepcion Arenal Elementary School in front of the hotel in Prado y Dragons.

The State Security Profile on FacebookCuban warrior, a “Heavy explosion at the Saratoga Hotel in Old Havana. May be indirect when transferring liquefied gas from a truck.

He said there was a possibility of severe damage and loss of life.

Edidora April workers told the official portal Cubpat What The children were expelled from the school next to the hotel facility. The injured are being shifted to nearby hospitals.

DIARIO DE CUBA was able to ensure that there was a large police presence in Havana. “5th Avenue is full of police and 7th Street is closed.”

Hotel Saradoka Saradoka, managed by SA Mix Company, opened as a boutique hotel. This is one of the most luxurious in Havana. There is a swimming pool with panoramic view, Which will worsen the stability of the rest of the building. The problem is whether the water is full or empty.

Until now It is not known if there were any tourists at that place. Official reports did not mention this information, nor did they mention whether some of the victims were guests.

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The presidency said on Twitter, without giving details, that “preliminary investigations indicate that the explosion was caused by a gas leak.”

On your side, Official television referred to the “injured” and “victims”.Without further details.

Eyewitnesses told DIARIO DE CUBA about the incident The explosion would have been inside the premises. Similarly, the area has been cordoned off by the police and the internet connection in the area has started to fail.