December 10, 2022

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The regime of Nicolas Maduro and the opposition agreed to condemn racism against Venezuela during a third day of talks in Mexico.

Schedule of talks between the Venezuelan government and the opposition in Mexico (Photo: Europa Press)

Representatives of the regime and Venezuela’s opposition maintained Monday Monday And Last Session A rude Third round Conversation that a cross between the dictatorship has suffered Nicholas Mature And Norway, As a result of some, acts as a mediator in the process Controversial statements Of the European Prime Minister on Human Rights.

“The parties began to discuss important issues on the agreed agenda. Various joint committees also held joint meetings to find solutions to challenges in social, economic and political matters., Says the document.

Delegates said they rejected racist acts against Venezuelan immigrants in Chile.

“These actions are a gross violation of rights,” he said. Specifies the report.

In addition, it highlights it The delegates agreed on the need to ensure gender orientation in the development of the dialogue and in the agreements reached.

“They continued to identify mechanisms for consultation with political and social actors that were as inclusive as possible,” he notes.

At noon (local time), representatives of the regime arrived at a hotel in the center Mexico City Meet with invitation representatives “Venezuela’s single stage” And continue conversations, the spokesman for the process said.

Negotiations between the parties will resume on September 24, but the session was adjourned at the last minute after representatives of the Maduro regime. They postponed their visit to the Mexican capital on Saturday.

George Rodriguez, President of Venezuela's National Assembly, holds a sign with his face (Photo: Europa Press)
George Rodriguez, President of Venezuela’s National Assembly, holds a sign with his face (Photo: Europa Press)

Chairman of the Government Negotiating Committee, George Rodriguez, Told reporters on the day that the date of visit had been changed due to the interference with Norway as a result of the Prime Minister’s statements that day. Erna Solberg, During the United Nations General Assembly He questioned the human rights situation in Venezuela.

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The stalemate with the European government was announced after a panel of arbitrators led by Rodriguez Doc Nylander, Acknowledging that they want to maintain theirs Impartiality During negotiations. “We regret that the recent report of the UN may affect confidence in our role. This negotiation process needs to be without any interference between Venezuela, ”Nylander told reporters.

Amidst the tensions that arose in the process, the opposition team refused to withdraw from the conversation And said in a statement that he would be in Mexico to make progress on a creation “Social Focus Schedule” Be responsible for open discussions on child nutrition, transplant surgery and vaccination programs, among other points, and building the justice system.

Nicolas Maduro (Photo: Reuters)
Nicolas Maduro (Photo: Reuters)

Pre-negotiation phase, between September 3 and 6, Emphasizing the effects of corona virus infection and concluding a partial agreement to meet the social needs of the people.

Likewise, the decision between the parties September 24 and 27 They will focus on discussing “respect for the institutional structure established in the justice system and the constitution,” and they will continue to speak. “National economic and social security measures for the people of Venezuela, including special drawing rights granted by the International Monetary Fund.”

The announcement of Saab’s inclusion in the dictatorship’s panel made noise in the process. H.It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.Sent Diplomatic“The man who was in charge of the food procurement process abroad for a state program has been detained Cape Verde Waiting for the judicial authorities of the African country Decide to extradite him to the United States, where he will be prosecuted for money laundering.

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The end of the Savista dictatorship was considered by analysts Attempt for pressure To force the opposition to leave the table.

After five failed attempts at the last conversation Seven years, This time the international community is betting that the path will be opened Negotiable solution And the election to the complex economic and social crisis that Venezuela is experiencing Six million people have fled the country in recent years.

In accordance with the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding signed on August 13, these conversations a Extensive agenda This includes the definition of election guarantees and the timetable for observable elections; Removing sanctions imposed by Washington; Restoration of property rights; Respect for the constitutional state; Political and social coexistence; Abandonment of violence; Compensation for victims of violence and the protection of the economy and population.

As with the 2019 process, Norway Participate as a mediator. For its part, Russia And Holland They serve as comrades to Quito-led Maduro and representatives of the opposition.

For more than a decade, Venezuela faces a complex economic, social and political situation, exacerbated by the crisis created by the corona virus outbreak last year.This was exacerbated by the economic freeze, four-digit high inflation, poverty and the collapse of the health care system.

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