December 1, 2022

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The regime kidnaps former ambassador Edgar Burrells

Edgar Barrels, a former pastor of Nicaragua before the Sandinista government’s Organization of American States (OAS) in the 1980s, a courageous political analyst commonly consulted by the media, was captured by the public on Monday, his family said.

At 79 years old, Barrales is one of the most intellectual sources in religious and diplomatic affairs, and as other experts do to protect his defense in the midst of the increasing persecution established by Daniel, he will present his views without concealing his identity. Ortega rule since last May.

His wife, Carmen Dolores Cordova, said the investigator was detained when he left his home in Los Robles to work for the Bank of Central America (PAC). “It was two o’clock in the afternoon and they were taking me against my will,” he said.

In short, she explained that since she underwent surgery on her large intestine ten years ago, the barrier to her husband’s health to be careful in her diet was the “bomb”. Cordova promised that if he stopped eating, he would be deformed.

I was on the lookout

The ex-ambassador’s wife also confirmed that the couple’s house had been under Ortega’s surveillance for several months.

Last Friday, Parrales gave an interview Confidential He scrutinized the government’s recent decision to remove the dean of the embassy from the Apostolic Nuncio Voltaire Stolisnov Somertak, which the church expert considered an act of contempt for the Catholic Church.

“They regret that the Episcopal Conference has an approach to protecting the ethical, moral and civic values ​​that surround them (the government) in religion and practice, without clashing with the government,” Parrells told the administrator in the interview.

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The decision to remove the Dean of Pope Francis’ representative in Nicaragua, Ordega, made it possible through reform of state code, which he decreed by decree 21-2021.

Parrales also mentioned in other media about the possible effects of Nicaragua’s exit from the OAS on the country, as recently raised by Foreign Minister Denise Moncada. This process lasts for two years, but rather, according to the experts consulted, paves the way for the suspension of the country in the body. Confidential.

The investigator has joined 41 prisoners since last May ahead of an irregular vote in November, thanks to which Ortega registered a fourth consecutive term, eliminating political competition by arresting seven presidential candidates.