September 30, 2022

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The recovery of Philippe Coutinho has not progressed and there is no date yet for his reappearance with Barcelona

BARCELONA – The recovery of Philippe Coutinho, who was injured in late 2020 and operated on his right knee on January 2, is of concern in Barcelona, ​​which has not set any deadline for nearly three months since the intervention was initially estimated in early April.

The Parsia Club did not deny (confirm) ESPN information from TV3 that the Brazilian underwent surgery a few weeks ago to remove a cyst from the same knee, which caused him a lot of discomfort, after which he decided to travel to Qatar to consult with a specialist.

In Parsia he does not want to set a deadline when it comes to his recovery now, considering that his return in April was completely ruled out and, fortunately, he may reappear in the final extension of the course in mid-May. In this way, it is understandable that the former Liverpool player will not add the remaining ten games to his 100 with the Parsia shirt and will avoid them when he admits a 20 million euro established bonus to his old club. Signed in January 2018.

Also, his future at Camp Nou is marked with a star because the team of directors of Joan LaBorte, who is waiting for the coach’s approval, is seriously considering leaving the footballer at the end of the course, either through transfer or for someone else. , Reducing the wage mass of workers and in his case means a total of 25 million euros a season. In fact, in the savings plan, even though he still has to apologize for more than $ 50 million since his signing, it can be assumed that the agreed expulsion, like that of Louis Suarez last summer, will be accepted.

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Coutinho, considered one of the club’s non – club players for the next campaign, began the course with a starter in Ronald Koman’s view, completed the first three days of the league, but after some annoying October Classic lost his balance on the eleventh, appearing again on November 29, Since he was injured, he has only entered the starting eleven of five of the nine games he has played, in which he has not finished anything.