August 16, 2022

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The reason Chivas didn’t send Jose Juan Macias to the operating room to treat his injury

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Although it has been several days since the Atletico attacker’s injury was diagnosed, it will be until Monday when some decisions will be made.

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The most important news of Chivas’ most recent days was not his presentation at Apertura 2022, where Rojiblanco’s side held a goalless draw against FC Juárez on the pitch of Akron Stadium, but it The highlight was Jose Juan Macias’ injuryWho hasn’t intervened yet.

It was confirmed last Thursday, just hours before the match against Guadalajara, that the 22-year-old attacker will miss the entire semester and part of the next. He presented with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. So you have to enter the operating room.

However, despite the diagnosis being confirmed four days agoYes, the attacker did not perform surgery Because JJ will be re-evaluated this Monday to determine if he will be treated in Guadalajara or elsewhere in the country, according to the Duro de Margar plan.

Macias was constantly suffering from illnesses He missed several games after suffering a right knee injury from the previous semester against Santos. Then, in pre-season, he showed pain again after falling in a friendly against Nekaxa, until Thursday he suffered and new tests were carried out that confirmed its severity.

When will the Herd play again?

Ricardo Cadena will have a long week of work to ensure his side find the strength they lacked during the presentation against FC Juárez.His next commitment will be next Saturday, July 9 on the field at Akron Stadium There he will manage Atlético de San Luis.

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