July 6, 2022

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The Queen, 96, will not attend the Epsom Derby tomorrow as she cancels her second Platinum Jubilee event due to mobility issues

The Queen, 96, will not attend the Epsom Derby tomorrow as she cancels her second Platinum Jubilee event due to mobility issues

Buckingham Palace confirmed today that the Queen will miss tomorrow’s Epsom Derby due to her ongoing health issues.

This is the second post Her MajestyShe, 96, canceled her jam-packed Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday.


I announce that the Queen will not attend the derby on SaturdayCredit: Arthur Edwards/The Sun

The king who was suffering Accidental movement problemsHe was not expected to attend the major sporting event and is likely to see the race on TV at Windsor Castle.

This comes after Her Majesty the Queen did not attend Thanksgiving service This morning after he shone on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

And the Kate Middleton She revealed today that the Queen was “fine” but found the first day of the festivities “extremely tiring”.

The king had seen color forces While smiling beside her family on the balcony – Prince Louis also kept her company.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Quinn, 96, will not attend the Epsom Derby and cancel her 2nd Platinum Jubilee event

At a reception in Guildhall, London, on Friday, the Duchess of Cambridge was said to have told an attendee that the Queen was “fine” but found the day “extremely tired”.

Jill Smallwood, from Bolton, spoke to Kate and asked how the Queen was doing.

Mrs Smallwood said: ‘She (Kate) said ‘Yes, she was fine, it was very tiring yesterday, and (the Queen) had a lovely and wonderful time.’

Now she also won’t be attending the Epsom Derby because it saves her energy for the jubilee festivities.

It is the second time in a couple of days that she has had to retreat from her presence due to her constant discomfort and movement.

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The eager lover of horses, who has only missed four times in 75 years, had previously ensured that three of her best horses could compete in the jubilee race – giving her the best chance yet to win the cup.

But last month, her three-year-old colt Reach For The Moon was disqualified from her favorite race in a heavy blow.

Phil White, regional director of The Jockey Club, London, said: “We wish Her Majesty the Queen a wonderful platinum jubilee.

“It’s a rare occasion that the Queen won’t be able to join us at Epsom Downs, but we are delighted that she is planning to enjoy the derby day on TV.

“We have big plans to celebrate Her Majesty’s contribution to horse racing and the nation, and those plans will continue in full tomorrow.

“The derby is a one-of-a-kind race and we look forward to welcoming thousands of people to help us create a great festive atmosphere.”

Tomorrow also coincides with her grandson’s first birthday – Little Lillipet – who traveled from California on the Queen’s Jubilee Holiday.

Relax, madam

Rumors have it that Her Majesty may spend the day with her family. Including Meghan, Harry and their kids – Instead of racing.

But insiders also claim That Tott had already met her name at Windsor Castle on Thursday.

On Thursday, Her Majesty the Queen rejoiced as she is Watch the RAF Celebrations Above the head, surrounded by her immediate family.

Sunny skies turned red, white and blue after an impressive display from Red Arrows as 71 planes flew over London.

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Prince Andrew, Prince Harry And the Megan They were noticeably absent after His Majesty restricted their formation to members of the royal family only.


After yesterday’s event, it was announced that it will be Withdrawing from Saint Paul’s service on Friday morning because she was disturbed during the day.

I decided not to come today “with great hesitation”.