May 19, 2022

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“The PSG chairman and director showed aggressive behavior,” the UEFA report said

Sources say Nasser al-Khalifi and Leonardo, the head of Paris Saint-Germain and the director of the game, went to the locker room after removing their team-mate to condemn Real Madrid’s first goal referee McClellan’s behavior. ESPN.

UEFA’s own report, after the second round of the 16th round, echoes the incident.

Section 7. Description of events that took place after the match.

“The chairman and technical director of PSG behaved aggressively and tried to enter the referee’s locker room. When the referee told them to leave, they blocked the door and the chairman deliberately smashed the assistant’s pen.”

Meanwhile, a Real Madrid worker recorded everything on his cell phone. Suddenly, both al-Khalifi and Leonardo caught his attention, and the sports director attacked the worker and demanded that he remove all the pictures.

According to a witness ESPNSituation “Still can not be tense, mobile ground poituccu”.

ESPN We were able to confirm that images of the terminal and security cameras were sent to UEFA.

Events started in the box. Donorumma’s mistake and Benzema’s subsequent robbery ended in the Frenchman scoring Madrid’s first goal.

When Benzema scored the second goal, the Paris leadership’s behavior went further, with shouts and complaints against the Dutch referee. Evidence of eyewitnesses reveals ESPN These comments are “not typical of a place like the President’s box.”

But the matter went further. At the end of the match, Nasser al-Khalifi left the box of Santiago Bernabeu and shouted angrily. Along with Leonardo, always by his side, they went to the locker room area and crashed into the walls.

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Upon reaching the aforementioned area, they opened a door where McClellan thought he would be, but they were confused. It is the office of former professional referee Mejia Devila and is currently in charge of handling the arbitration issue at Real Madrid. The same evidence relates to the bewilderment of witnesses testifying to ESPN: “We could not believe it.”

When they confirmed that the referee’s door was right, the two managers began knocking on the door, shouting, “This is a disgrace,” in connection with Benzima’s alleged misconduct on the first Madrid goal.

Also, they closed the entrance and tried to attack the objects in the room.