December 1, 2022

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The prosecution says the senior military is being investigated by the Balkan Network

Deputy Attorney Yeni Berenice Rhinoso confirmed yesterday that there are top players being investigated in the Falcon case, although their names have not yet been released.

“What we assure you is that all people connected to the network are being investigated, and yes, top military officials are under investigation,” Rhinoso said. He argued that several tests were conducted yesterday in the national district and in various provinces of the eastern region of the country.

“Key evidence for further investigation is constantly being seized and the public ministry is continuing to defend the allegation,” he said.

In this case so far more than 30 people, including three representatives, are members of the legislature and there is a special judge to hear their case.

In the case of brothers Emmanuel and Alberto de Jesus Polanco, the court yesterday granted them 18 months’ remand, with Deputy Attorney General Wilson Camacho saying they are being reviewed every three months.

House arrest
Yesterday Friday, in addition, Judge Cyrilo Salomon Sanchez of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention in Santiago ordered house arrest against Enrique Rafael Santoval at the request of the Ministry of Public Administration to change the 18-month detention. According to Rhinos.

The extent of his persuasion was known separately from the 23 people involved in the case, as he was arrested and the request for action occurred several days later.

Santoval has been accused of co-ordinating races made by Eric Moscow Polonko, who was appointed head of the Falcon Network.

Judge Iris Borgas, of the Santiago Permanent Care Office, adjourned the hearing on the 23 defendants from the network until 9:00 a.m. Monday, when all arguments of technical safety were presented yesterday.

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The brothers of Jesus Bolanko have been charged with criminal association, drug trafficking and sponsorship, as well as drug trafficking and violating the Arms Control and Regulation Act, causing harm to the Dominican State. MICE has been identified as a key point in the drug trafficking network.