December 7, 2022

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The pirates have assigned Polonko

Pittsburgh – Gregory Polanco has long been considered by pirates as part of its long-term plans.

Now, the Dominican is no longer part of Pittsburgh.

The pirates released the 29-year-old slugger on Saturday. They released the last remaining player on the list, which led to three post-season appearances from 2013-15.

Those days are long gone. Pittsburgh underwent a reshuffle two years ago and were confirmed to finish last in NL Central for the third year in a row.

Polango’s age, declining production and tough contract – his $ 11.6 million salary this season was more than 20% of the club’s full salary in 2021 – did not live up to the team’s plans.

Pittsburgh replaced him last week. The pirates wanted to free him because no team wanted to pay the rest of his salary.

Polanco has 11 Homers and 35 RBIs this season with Pittsburgh. Recently, fans took their frustration against him.

He was mercilessly angry after losing to Arizona in Wednesday’s game.

But that does not mean the results are easy. Bolango’s contagious smile and undeniable enthusiasm for the game made him famous in a clubhouse full of young and almost unknown faces.

Manager Derek Shelton met with Bolanco on Saturday to announce the challenging decision he has made since taking office in November 2019.

Undoubtedly, Polanco listened to the reactions of the public in his park. A day after the costly mistake, Query responded by saying that fans should remember that he is as human as they are.

“I make 100% progress every day,” Bolanco said Thursday, just hours before the two-hour double to win again over San Luis.

It was the last of his 696 hit songs with Pirates.

“Obviously it was a tough year for me. It’s my free agent year, I wanted to do well. He wanted to play baseball until he could. I do not want to retire or go home. I want to be at a ball park. This is what I want, they do not understand it, sadly There is, “he said.