December 10, 2022

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The object is to put a gun in the Aztec Stadium and threaten to ‘kill the Americans’

Mexico City /

A confusing video Known this afternoon on social networks, since An object with a gun appears In a box at the Azteca Stadium during the match between USA and Poomas, He took a strange bag.

This video was provided by journalist Carlos Jimenez, in which the bearer is seen More excitement and fun with the gun, From which Just showed grip.

He pointed out immediately “I’m going to kill some Americans”, Amidst the laughter of his comrades, in which there is even a couple showing affection for the eagles.

It is worth noting Police criticism in the box area is invalid.

Full of violence

In the previous week The Citizens Protection Secretariat of the City of Mexico Announced that they would be responsible for the classic defense between Quilas and Universidad 3,413 police officersAlthough not enough to contain the spirits of the animated groups that attended.

After the game, A group of American fans located on the west side began to stir For the Cats, the runners exploded after their club’s 2-0 win and one of the fences at the top of the building was knocked down by the cats.

The violence spread even outside the campus, Was even able to see how a Beaumas supporter was beaten by local fans for not taking off his team shirt.

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