December 1, 2022

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The minimum wage is not enough to pay rent in the United States

(CNN Business) – House It was very expensive In the United States, the minimum wage worker cannot pay rent, according to a new report.There is no state, county, or city where a full-time minimum wage worker works 40 hours a week, based on which he can rent two bedrooms. A statement De la National Low Income Housing Alliance.

A full-time minimum wage worker can only rent a room in 7% of U.S. counties – in a total of more than 3,000 218 counties across the country.

Federal Minimum Wage at 25 7.25.

However, the report shows that a worker must earn $ 24.90 per hour to purchase a two-bedroom home with adjusted rent at market price (“reasonable market rent”). It takes a “living wage” of 40 20.40 per room. Market adjusted rents are government estimates of what a person should pay for a simple home in their area.

“Housing pay” is the amount a worker must earn to pay for a home without spending more than 30% of his income on rent and utilities.

“These sums are far more than many Americans, including the elderly, the disabled and working families, can afford,” said Marcia L. Schmidt, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Fudge wrote. In the preface to the (HUD) Report.

Rents not reached

Nationwide, the average market-adjusted rent is $ 1,061 per bedroom per month and $ 1,295 per month for a two-bedroom home, the report said.

Meanwhile, the average hourly wage for renters is 78 18.78, which is an income that can absorb $ 977 a month in rent without being affected by a housing expense. A family living on the minimum wage can pay as little as $ 377 a month, the report said.

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In 17 states, including California, Florida and New York, the average tenant earns at least $ 5 less than the average two-bedroom home wage in the state.

The largest gap is in Hawaii, where the difference between the average tenant’s earnings and the state’s two-bedroom housing wage is 20.13.

States, the District of Columbia, and several dozen counties and municipalities with lower wages than the federal minimum wage also fail the test.

In California, where the minimum wage is $ 14 per hour, the cost of housing is so high that it has even higher housing wages: In California, a person must earn $ 39.03 per hour to pay for a two-bedroom apartment. 31.06 USD in one bedroom apartment.

A worker with the minimum wage must pay 89 hours per week for a one-bedroom apartment and 112 hours for a two-bedroom apartment.

West Virginia has one of the lowest housing wages. But since the minimum wage is 75 to 8.75 per hour, workers still have to earn $ 14.83 per hour to pay for a two-bedroom apartment, earning $ 12.12 per bedroom.

In statement one Interactive map It shows how much you need to earn in your area to pay rent.

Impact of infection

The United States will extend the deportation ban until July 1:03

The epidemic has exacerbated homelessness for many, and federal, state and local governments are blocking a defense Wave of discharges. An unprecedented amount of federal emergency rental assistance, 46 billion, has been allocated Help tenants Theirs in distress Frustrated landowners.

But many will continue to struggle to pay rent in the future if the long-term housing issue is not resolved, the report said.

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According to the report, 7.5 million low-income tenants are “too” burdened by expenses, meaning they spend more than half of their income on housing. This will make the tenants homeless. The HUD says more than 580,000 people were made homeless at the height of the corona virus crisis last year.

Housing is a major challenge for black and Latin families, and according to the report, these groups are more likely to be burdened by housing costs.

Analysis of data from the Budget Center and Policy Priorities Survey Bureau shows that black and Latin workers recorded high unemployment rates during the epidemics, and thus these groups are likely to lag behind in rent.

The NLIHC, a non-profit organization advocating for the development and improvement of affordable housing, called for rental assistance to all eligible distressed tenants, and that trust funds be invested in national housing and public housing to create, protect and rehabilitate affordable housing. Suggests. Housing.

The organization calls on Congress to create and implement a permanent National Housing Assurance Fund to provide temporary assistance to homes at risk of eviction and to strengthen and enable tenants to keep their homes secure.