September 29, 2022

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The Miami building collapsed, killing at least one person and injuring 11 others

(CNN) – Search and rescue operations are continuing after a building collapsed somewhat on a site near Miami early Thursday morning.

At least one person died after the crash, and 99 were unaccounted for Many Latin Americans.

Here’s what we know so far about what happened and what to look for:

What happened: Authorities said at least one person was killed. Thirty-seven people They were pulled from the rubble after the building collapsed, said Ray Jadalla, head of the Miami-Tate deputy fire department. At least 11 people have been treated with injuries, four of whom have been transferred, the vice president said. CNN previously reported that at least one person had died in the crash. The building has 12 stories and more than 130 units, said Miami-Date County Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa. Kawa said search and rescue operations would continue overnight in the collapsed Sampline Towers condo building.

Between water and debris, the work of firefighters in Miami 0:30

About the missing: Kawa said there is Counted 102 people After partial collapse of the building. You I want to give you a superior person, very inspiring, 102 people counted. This is double what we were able to report last time, ”Kawa told a news conference. One hundred and two people from the towers, whose locations are known, are safe. The mayor said he is still there At least 99 people are missing.

Cause not determined: There has been no official reason so far for the building to partially collapse, Kawa said. He explained that structural engineers will be involved in the investigation, as will the Surface City and Fire Department. The Miami-Date County Police Department said it was investigating the incident after search and rescue operations were completed.

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They screamed loudly, the witness says of the collapse 7:36

Signs of sinking in the 1990s: Shimon Wodinski, a professor at the Florida International University Institute for the Environment, told CNN that a study last year had determined that the Sampline Towers South Condo showed signs of sinking in the 1990s. The condo had a sinking rate of two millimeters between 1993 and 1999, according to their study. Wdowinski said this fall will not only cause a collapse, but it could be a factor. “When one part of the building is compared to another, it can cause some tension and cracks,” he explained.

Building work: The building, which was built in the 1980s, is under roofing work, said Charles W., mayor of the site. Burkett said, but it is not clear whether this was a factor in the decline.

Sounds through the ruins: Jadallah, vice president of the Miami-Tate Fire Department, confirmed that noises were heard under the rubble. “All operations take place under the rubble. They take place under the parking lot, where we have fire brigades, they are constantly cutting, tapping and placing sonar equipment, looking for cameras to locate the victims,” ​​Jadalla said.

“Unimaginable”: The Miami-Date County mayor said the building collapse was “an unimaginable situation, but none of us could have predicted” that they had the right people for the job and were “very confident.” Kawa said the city is working with the Red Cross and its own community service organization to accommodate the displaced. Kawa also noted that surrounding cities and towns have provided assistance to their police departments.

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Emergency: Florida Gov. Ron Desantis has issued an executive order to provide assistance to families affected by the collapse. Declaring a state of emergency will, by order, allow all necessary resources, including police personnel and other emergency personnel, to be diverted to the area.

FEMA is ready to help: President Joe Biden said federal resources, including the assistance of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, were “ready to go” in response to the crash.

If you are looking for a loved one: The Miami-Tate Fire Rescue said a family reunification center has been set up at 9301 Collins Avenue for anyone looking for the missing. If emergency officers have family members at 305-614-1819, their whereabouts are unknown.