November 30, 2022

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The Mets' massive comeback falls short in a crazy game that has it all

The Mets’ massive comeback falls short in a crazy game that has it all

SAN FRANCISCO – These late-drama kings were just getting started because so much of their East Coast fan base was fading and turning into a haze.

But the difference in the Mets’ recent superhero comeback was a counterstrike. The Giants put up not one show, but two on a wild Tuesday night.

Edwin Diaz allowed two runs in the ninth round, including an RBI single by Brandon Crawford that sent the Mets to a 13-12 loss at Oracle Park.

Joc Pederson was the offensive champion, racking up three home runs and an RBI song in the ninth that tied it before Crawford won it moments later.

“A great match for the fans,” said manager Buck Showalter. “I am really proud of our guys. It’s fun to watch and it’s great to watch them compete every night.”

Diaz pushed Tommy La Stella into double play twice in the ninth inning, but then allowed a walk and three in a row to smash his second in the last three.

“When I got into the game I said, ‘This match is over,’” Diaz said. “But after two wins for me today.”

Darren Ruff slips safely to score the winning game while Thomas Nido drops the ball in the ninth game of the Mets’ 13-12 loss to the Giants.

Dominic Smith tripled ahead of ninth runner Travis Jankowski and scored at the Brandon Nemo fly-sacrifice to put the Mets ahead 12-11.

Burying the Mets in a six-stroke hole, he caused a stir in the seventh inning, then went crazy in the eighth to take a 11-8 lead before Pederson’s third lead in the game, a three-stroke blast against Drew Smith, equalized.

Showalter said he didn’t use left hand Julie Rodriguez in that spot, because the Giants would likely have run into Ivan Longoria. The manager was also cognizant of his desire to keep the cuts with rookie Thomas Zabuki set to call-up from Triple-A Syracuse to start the final series on Wednesday.

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“I thought Drew was one of our best shooters,” Showalter said. “We’re trying to live to fight another day too. We have another game [Wednesday] With a start we don’t know how far it will go.”

Starling Marty wrestles Pete Alonso after scoring in one of Francesco Lindor's triple kicks during the Mets' loss.
Starling Marty wrestles Pete Alonso after scoring in one of Francesco Lindor’s triple kicks during the Mets’ loss.

Francisco Lindor slapped three bases loaded in eighth which put the Mets in front, but this was a rally that had a lot of champions. The team’s ability to put the ball into play and put pressure on the defense was ahead in the half that got three hits on the field.

With the Mets behind 8-4 (Lendor had smashed Homer twice in the previous inning), he picked Jeff McNeil and Eduardo Escobar respectively to start the epic race. The Crawford-played soloist Mark Kana loaded the bases and woke Smith from his slumber to deliver a two-stage single that pulled the Mets within 8-6.

After Lewis Gillorm retired with player choice, Nemo slammed the racket into third and overcame Kevin Padlow’s throw, running the bases. Starling Marte followed him up with a hard mill from Padlo Smith brought. Lindor Grunder 3rd base – swept by Pedersen in left field – cleared the bases and gave the Mets an 11-8 lead.

“I am so proud of everyone here,” Lindor said. “We got off early and did what it took to come back and finish strong.”

Jock Pederson, who hit three at home and led in eight runs, hugged Brandon Crawford after Crawford's single gave the Giants a win over the Mets.
Jock Pederson, who hit three at home and led in eight runs, hugged Brandon Crawford after Crawford’s single gave the Giants a win over the Mets.
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Chris Bassett let three kids “goodbye” to the Giants and never went through the fifth run. The performance was a rare clunker for the Mets bowler who started this season.

Bassett (who arrived across the Bay Bridge in Oakland on a trade deal in March) gave in to eight wins in eight strokes and three runs over the course of 4 // in his worst start to the Mets.

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On his start against the Cardinals last week, Bassett also battled, allowing for four winning runs over 6 rounds. But his biggest torturers were the Giants, who also beat him at Citi Field last month, when he allowed five wins over six innings.

Bassett allowed Homer the third in the most innings, a two-round shot to Jock Pederson in the fifth round that buried the Mets in an 8-2 hole.

La Stella’s explosion in the fourth game of three rounds doubled the Giants’ lead to 6-1. Luis Gonzalez doubled the break and Michael Papersky walked before emptying La Stella into the right field benches.

At four, Bassett walked with Mike Jastrzemsky before leaving the cutter over the board that Pederson had blasted for Homer’s two-round.

The Giants jumped on Bassett from the start. La Stella took the lead and doubled Yastrzemski before Darin Ruf ran into a run.

Logan Webb was tough on the Mets, allowing two runs on five strokes within five rounds. Canha hit the RBI song in a 1-1 tie. The Mets had another inning in the fifth round on the sacrifice fly of Lindor after Brandon Nemo hit a pitch that led to the inning.

Stephen Nogosik stepped up in long relief. On his first appearance in nine days, the right-handed shot 3²/0 innings behind Bassett. In his only other major league appearance this season, Nogosek made three goalless rounds against the national team.