December 7, 2022

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The man is holding 70 hostages and asking for 200 million

Amsterdam is the scene of a gruesome scene from the Gaza de Babel: a 27-year-old armed man took more than that. 70 hostages A Apple Store And demanded 200 million euros in cryptocurrencies for his release. The flow of the last hostage came to an end Abduction.

The young man, who was dressed in camouflage at noon yesterday at a store in central Leidseplein Square, immediately picked up the first customer he saw as a hostage at gunpoint.

Inside the building there were more than 70 people on different floors, four of whom were hiding in a cupboard on the ground floor.

“They lived in fear for hours. We have arranged psychological support for the victims,” ​​said Deputy Mayor Rutger Groot Wasink.

The Amsterdam-born kidnapper has criminal records related to weapons and ammunition and, in principle, acted alone with an automatic weapon, pistol and anti-bomb suit. Abduction Shown as explosive clothing.

Details of Abduction

The culprit himself contacted police as soon as the first officers arrived at the scene, firing at least four times at them with an automatic weapon, and the hostages were questioned.

He demanded 200 million euros in cryptocurrencies or he “pumped himself” in, then negotiations began: already at night, police were able to evacuate several people a little, until about 70 people were counted, but the hijacker and the customer who pointed his gun at him were still there.

At midnight, the kidnapper asked for water, and police sent it with a robot to the store door, where for a moment distracted hostages fled, but the attacker chased after him, and the two fought. The race ended with the occupant running over him with a DSI car. That too was recorded.

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Outraged, the hostage-taking ended. The kidnapper lay on the ground, while snipers from various directions approached him – as the lasers of the guns in his body showed – as a robot tested him for ammunition. When it was determined that he had not carried the bombs, an ambulance rushed him to the hospital alive.

Agents searched two homes related to the author of the facts, and the investigation continues this Wednesday.

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