September 29, 2022

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The Jack Venom prognosis is assigned, according to the medical report

The prognosis of 78-year-old Rafael Sanchez has been set aside, according to a medical report issued this Saturday by Dr. Antonio Cruz Jiminian and Emilio Martinez, medical director of the center of the same name.

The former wrestler was admitted due to severe anemia and dehydration, a product of pancreatic cancer, probably affecting metastatic, prostate and lung cancer.

The wrestling champion also has diarrhea problems. He is maintained by a multidisciplinary medical team that assists him in the intensive care unit of the Cruise Gymnasium Clinic.

“In view of this variation presented by this patient, we must say that his prognosis has been ruled out,” Dr. Martinez said while reading the medical report released this Saturday.

For his part, the gymnast said that due to severe anemia by the patient, he should be given a blood transfusion, which will recur in the next few hours.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is a very delicate condition, so we are going to pray to God for him, said Jimenez about Jack Veneno’s health.

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