November 28, 2022

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The Haitian issue is of urgent importance to the Dominican government

The Dominican Republic yesterday called on the international community, especially the United States, Canada, France and the European Union, to act “with urgency” in Haiti, which is mired in a crisis of insecurity and political instability.

Dominican President Louis Abinader said the country would pursue a plan of drastic immigration measures. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the news comes as thousands of Haitians leave the poorest country in the United States due to the crisis in the United States.

At the end of September, the National Migration Council gave companies three months to formalize their foreign staff. The presence of Haitians in the field of construction and agriculture is well known. Another measure is to ban the entry of pregnant women over six months. It seeks to avoid the cost of caring for pregnant Haitians in public hospitals.

This is not the first time the country has sought solutions for Haiti from the international community: Abinader did so at the UN General Assembly last September, and Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez at the organisation’s Security Council. .

In view of the insecurity and violence in the neighboring country, Louis Abinader warned the Dominicans not to travel there. Similarly, he warned that Haitian gangs controlling territory in the country, especially in the capital Port-au-Prince, would be confronted if they tried to enter the Dominican Republic.

In the United Kingdom, the head of state canceled his visit to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) due to a “significant decline in governance in Haiti.”

Panama and Costa Rica joined in this “cry” that Abinader called it, which was done for the international community. All three countries called on the United States to “participate more effectively” in resolving the crisis in Haiti, within the framework of the Alliance to Strengthen Democratic Institution.

The request does not appear to have had an impact on the international community, as Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez said yesterday that there was no “appropriate response” to the call for attention.

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Last Sunday, Pope Francis called on heads of state to support Haiti and not leave him alone. “How much suffering, how much suffering on this earth. # Pray together for Haiti, do not abandon them, ”the pope wrote in Spanish on his Twitter account.

Raquel Pena, vice president of the Dominican Republic, promised that the country would remain vigilant on the border to guarantee security and peace.

Maj. Gen. Julio Florian, general commander of the Dominican Army, confirmed that more than 11,000 soldiers were guarding the border from the cities of Montecristi to the Futernals.

The situation is worrying

The Dominican border is quiet and no inconveniences have been reported, while various sections of the community have expressed their concern about the situation in Haiti.

Servio Tulio Castaños, executive vice president of the Institute and the Trust of Justice (Finjus), noted that the Dominican Republic has the power to defend its national sovereignty because Haiti is an “impossible” country.

“This is a country that has been taken over by crime, where a person with dark interests appears to be ruling in Haiti. There are no institutions there and I hope the international community can intervene in this case because the burden we have to bear to sustain that nation more or less is enormous,” Castanos said.

Circe Almánzar, executive vice president of the Dominican Republic’s Confederation of Indian Industry (AIRD), described the uncertainty in Haiti as “having a major impact”. One said, “We have to be very careful and take appropriate measures to avoid presenting us with security issues.”

Former Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas said the Dominican Republic should be extra vigilant in any situation and that it could affect sovereignty. Vargas Maldonado praised the military’s military position in strengthening the border in any case.

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Gasoline shortages continue

After all, Haitians continue to cross the Dominican Republic to store gasoline due to the scarcity of this petroleum derivative in their country. Only passing four-wheelers make up their immigration process.

According to Jimani, there is only one gas station within the perimeter, and Haitian merchants who pass by to buy it can carry on business transactions.

Julio Núñez, mayor of Comendador in Elias Pina province, said: “We are trying to co-operate as much as we can.

“The problem of business has resumed, but not the problem of fuels,” Djaphone mayor Santiago Riveron revealed, proposing that Haitians should be allowed to buy petrol three times a week because of the inconvenience.

To control the situation, the Special Fuel Control Force (Ceccom) and the Army stationed their members at stations in border municipalities to prevent irregular traffic and fuel supply.

Reports from Diorio Libre indicate that business transactions in Jimani, Elias Bina and Dajapone were carried out without any problems, but not 100%.

Freddy Morillo, president of the Dajabón Merchants Federation, estimates the bilateral market is 60 percent complete.

He said the aid was reduced because there were still fears among Haitian traders that they would reach Dajabón to buy the products and then be physically assaulted by armed gangs.

Statistics React to President Claude Joseph’s Attitude and Ask for Response

A few minutes after Haitian Foreign Minister Claude Joseph used his Twitter account to respond to President Louis Abinader, several figures showed their position and asked the head of state to respond, saying there was crime on this side of the island as well. Attitude of the Haitian official.

Santiago Mayor Abel Martinez, quoting Joseph’s tweet, pointed out: “Haiti must make it clear that the Dominican Republic cannot continue to withstand the negative impact of the more than 1.5 million illegal Haitians in our territory. We have always been in solidarity with Haiti; But it is time to look for solutions in your country, “the leader wrote.

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For his part, Guzmn Fermin, the former director of the National Police, described the Haitian official’s comments as “another example of the Haitian government’s unacceptable aggression towards the Dominican Republic.” Chancellor Claude Joseph once again shows his hostility against the DR.

Federico Antún Batlle, leader of the Social Christian Reform Party (PRSC), said: “No matter how well they are treated, they will always act with hatred and hostility, even though we are a very supportive nation, but the victims are the Dominicans.

Former Vice President Pelegrín Castillo said President Abinader’s position was correct, calling on large nations to recommend Haiti and for all Dominicans to support it. He added that these three countries (the United States, Canada and France) have a special responsibility and, along with others, have a number of ways to carry out the recovery and reconstruction of Haiti and thus avoid the consequences.

Journalist Rafael Nunes said that in view of the failure of the United Nations mission in Haiti, a trust should be formed under the leadership of the United States, Brazil and Canada to restore normalcy in that country.

The mob burned a hospital

Two armed gangs looted and set fire to a hospital in Miltot in northern Haiti during a clash yesterday. The incident began when members of one of the gangs tried to prevent another rival from being stabbed by medical services at Sacré-Coeur Hospital, Haiti Portal 24 reported. Some rooms, labs and patients’ medical files were burned, while many of their staff were attacked. The attackers also tried to cut off power to the center.