September 30, 2022

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The Guzm -n-Final clan is reeling after a serious complaint arose that Frida Sofia had sexually abused her grandfather.

From left to right: Frida Sofia, Alejandra Guzman and Enrique Guzman.Getty Images

The fact that the Frida Sofia model has revealed about her family this week has once again shaken the Guzman-Final dynasty. His 29-year-old grandfather, Mexican singer and actor Enrique Guzman, has been accused of sexually abusing himself since he was five. “He caught me”, he burst into tears in an interview on the show The minute my destiny changedPresented by Gustavo Adolfo Infonde. The confession includes Guzman’s abuse of his ex – wife, iconic actress Sylvia Pinal, which has unleashed a wave of cross – accusations among members of Mexican entertainment’s powerful clan.

Frida Sofia, the daughter of Latin American song star Alejandra Guzman, describes her grandfather as “the most disgusting, the worst man ever,” and she “always” scares herself. “It simply came to our notice then. The most disgusting thing of all is that when you are so young, a grandfather tells his granddaughter that he loves himself, at that age you know nothing, no conscience, it just becomes normal, “the Mexican community, which presented legal action against Guzmமானn this Thursday for the first time. With tears in his eyes he says of the humiliation he felt: “How disgusting, but in some cases he is already starting to feel rich because they are touching your private parts. “

Enrique Guzmn, 78, denies the story and accuses his granddaughter of seeking psychiatric treatment: “I am not a pervert. I’m a gentleman. “At first, he threatened to sue Frida Sofia, but other members of the family denied that he was finally going to do so. Alejandra Guzman released a video statement in which she defends her father from her daughter’s complaints: It’s very sad, because I’m facing these unsubstantiated allegations, and they’s not fair, and I’m giving you Frida.

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Mother and daughter have long been separated in a twisted history that includes drugs, fights and abuse. Frida Sofia says she never knew Alejandra Guzman’s maternal side, defines her as addicted to “all drugs” and accused her of sleeping with her partner Christian Estrada or throwing bottles at her. The so-called rock queen of Mexico has performed abortion, depression, cancer and dozens of surgeries in her history.

Frida Sofia insists that her mother used the materials in front of her and had sex with men in the same hotel room where she stayed on tours, aged five to 11. Those encounters with Guzman ended on several occasions, according to the young model, in which these men abused her. “It started to happen to me again with the men my mother knew and took me to the hotel room. They would touch me when she was asleep or unconscious. Someone raped me,” she reveals in tears.

After her mother rejected these stories, Frida Sofia uploaded her version on her Instagram account, where she has amassed 1.6 million followers. There he issued a stern statement: “Mom, I’m sorry to see you continue as soon as you know who he is. You know he raped and stabbed my grandmother, you cried at the thought of her purple eyes, he gritted his teeth at you, he always abused you ”.

The young woman posted a video in which Guzman confessed to assaulting her father, Sylvia Pinal. The 89-year-old actress, who pioneered theater, has been sanctified as the museum of Louis Punuel and one of Mexico’s most important translators, breaking his silence these days. “I’m not indifferent to what’s going on in my family chest. Frida, your grandmother loves you dearly. We need both,” Pinal wrote, asking her granddaughter for ways to resolve the situation.

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Frida Sofia, who said she was very proud of her courage to finally speak out about the abuse, assured her that “the chain of silence has been broken”. “Like many relatives of the victims you have driven me crazy, the only answer to them is they have mental health problems,” he wrote on his networks. The OECD country with the highest rate of child abuse is Mexico, with 5.4 million cases per year.

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