The Gruesome Twosome Visit Vancouver


Alice CooperBack in January 2010, it was announced that heavy metal boys Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie would be touring together on the Gruesome Twosome tour. Last night they growled their way through Vancouver to a very pumped up crowd at Pacific Coloseum.

First up was the legendary Alice Cooper. For a 62 year old, he can deliver quite the show. He opened up with the classic hit “School’s Out”. He’s not much of a talker but the dramatic acting on stage was good enough to engross you between songs. It was as if the classic tale of the rise and fall and the rise again of man was being acted throughout the set. He had the guillotine dropped on him, he was hung with a noose, and then put into a box and had multiple spears pierce him. And every single time he was reincarnated, he came back with a different outfit on. Mr. Cooper even performed “No More Mr.Nice Guy” in a full-on reflective silver suit and then changed into a Canucks jersey for the finale. (If you’re wondering which jersey he had on, it was a Luongo one).

From quite the theatrical play to a different type of theatric- Rob Zombie’s show was a heavy metal cinematic thrill for the eyes. The crowd was treated to video clips from sci-fi animes to campy b-movies, which were timed with the music perfectly (songs like “What” even had intermittent lyrics on screen), and there was pyromania galore! You can definitely feel the bursts of fire while shooting photos in the pit. But I swear I could still feel it from where I was sitting afterward. Other videos shown were clips from his directorial debut, House of 1000 Corpses and his faux trailer for Werewolf Women of the S.S (even they had a costume change for this one, being decked out in Nazi uniforms to match the video clip).  There was a lot more moshing and crowd surfing for this act. He said goodbye to Vancouver with the drum-driven “Dracula”.

To be honest, this was my first time seeing both Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie live. And I must say, I’m impressed.  Thanks boys, I’m looking forward to the next one.

Alice Cooper / Rob Zombie
Pacific Coloseum
Vancouver, BC
May 1, 2010

By Mhelanni Gorre

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