December 7, 2022

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The governor imposes closure and ban from midnight

Governor Pedro Pierluisi announces new administrative order to administer corona virus, COVID-19 in Puerto Rico.

At the press conference, the chief executive noted that starting next Thursday, all companies serving the people should be operational by 12 midnight.

However, food companies with delivery services may operate outside of that time.

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This schedule ban includes social activities such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays in public or private institutions.

In addition, the chief executive in this new order prohibits the sale of liquor at the same time.

The use of masks in the open is mandatory for 50 or more persons and any enclosed space.

The executive order comes into effect next Thursday and will remain in effect until September 22.

To date, 141,533 cases have been identified in Puerto Rico through molecular tests and 28,684 antigen tests. The deaths reached 2,832 and the hospital has 493 people, both adults and children.

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