December 10, 2022

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The friendly fight between Sivas and Lyon was halted due to violence in San Jose

San Jose, California /

Sivas Will not discuss Its Second friendship On this tour United States, The place I had planned Play against the lion In San Jose, California, but Acts of violence After Thursday Cruise Azul Fight, Forced to postpone to next year.

Engine Put up a friendly fight against him San Jose earthquakes It was 2-0 for the locals, but there were many problems. First A fan entered the field With a wrestling mask and light blue shirt Hit an MLS infielder And more A shooting was reported Nearby PayPal Park.

“The San Jose earthquakes have made this decision because of the events that took place last night at PayPal Park Postpone the friendly match between Chivas de Guadalajara and Club LyonSan Jose announced. The fight was scheduled to be played Saturday night and will be rescheduled until 2022.

“First, the match was scheduled for Saturday, October 9, And re-scheduled Dates from 2022 onwards. The safety of all visitors to PayPal Park continues to be the club’s top priority, ”the club added. M.L.S..

According to San Jose Police, There were five prisoners Behind Meeting between Cruz Azul and San Jose For shooting and fighting in the Bay Ball Park parking lot.

That was released Local police needed 40 items To calm those who are in various outbursts of anger. They were also informed A person who noticed For those most wounded by armed injuries and fighting.

It must be remembered The fight between Sivas and Lyon This is Guadalajara’s second time in the California area because he played another match in Los Angeles on Wednesday. FAS of El Salvador, Peaked at 0-0 Bank of California Stadium.

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