The Final Destination 3D – Blu-Ray Review

The Final Destination 3D

Even though there’s a new prequel Final Destination 5 film in theatres, The Final Destination 3D, is really the last in the string of the original Final Destination franchise. The Final Destination is the fourth film to follow Death’s journey to recapture those destined to die at their designated times and it’s also the end of the original tale – although only a newspaper clipping bridges the film to the series.

Released on a single disc 2D and 3D Blu-Ray combo, The Final destination is a 3D extravaganza of car parts and other deadly objects getting flung at an audience happily awaiting opportunities to duck and squirm. Although not as fun in 2D, the non three-dimensional presentation is a good one to watch to ensure that the effects and 3D images aren’t taking over for story and content. Even with such grand 3D effects, The Final Destination succeeds in both 2 and 3D formats with an original take on a familiar storyline.

As a strange premonition causes a group of friends to abandon their day at a speedway, a crushing pileup hurtles cars into the bleachers with fiery consequences as the friends stand outside and watch the chaos and carnage. It seems like the group have cheated Death, only to have Death come back for them again and again as they keep trying to escape their fate. At this point it’s not an original concept, but the filmmakers in a series like this are often challenged with making the killings new, original and as gruesome as possible. The guys behind The Final Destination did find some new and exciting ways to kill and mutilate.

Being the first Final Destination film shot in HD 3D allows the filmmakers an opportunity to cut, slice and squash its victims in a new way. In contrast, the violence and kill scenes are far more effective in 3D and should make the strongest of audiences squirm. But that’s what a film like Final Destination was meant to do in the first place. If you’re looking for something to shock your mind, you’ve rented the wrong film. It’s all about the slice and dice my friends, and that’s the way it should be.