September 30, 2022

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The fight against corruption – Jean Alain, in ten months from jailer to prisoner

Jean-Alain Rodriguez, the former attorney general of the Republic, is in the spotlight and in the public eye, engaging in the center of a corruption network investigation called Medusa, where he and his key collaborators appear to be the culprits.

Rodriguez and six others are facing charges of criminal association, fraud against the state, bribery, collusion of officials, forgery of public documents, identity theft, electronic crimes and money laundering.

Among those questioned were Jean-Alain Rodriguez, Alfredo Johnson, Marcido Jordan, Alfredo Jordan, Rofael

Altacresia Gillan Calzado, Miguel Jose Moya, Amelia Isabel Escano, Mercedes Camilla Salceto Tisla, Ronnie Rafael Corporean, Francis Ramres Moreno, Ney Arnoldo Cagavelli Guevara and Altacrazia Gillan.

Part of the committee investigating today began public ceremonies with Rodriguez during his time in the then CEI-RD during the first administration of the Danilo Medina government.

Very questionable
Since his appointment as Attorney General of the Republic in August 2016, Alain Rodriguez and his administration have been the target of questions and controversy regarding his performance in office.

One of the shadows of his administration was the construction of La Barra Prison, located in Guerrero, a prison complex that would transform La Victoria’s national prison.

This new building, built with money paid by Odebrecht, raises questions about the location, name and structure of the structure, and experts point out that no such prison has been built so far.

Alain Rodriguez was highly questionable for the extension and manipulation of the Odebrecht case, in which both the defendants and the current officers were accused of manipulating information, neglecting available resources to deepen the investigation, and showing bad tool and discrimination.

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In this case, one of the best questions was how to handle the protests and all the resources available to both autobiographical and local and international newspapers, including the final file that benefited the eight accused.

Alain Rodriguez, the defendant in the case, has been charged during the ongoing qualifying trial following a $ 92 million bribe paid by Odebrecht to carry out work in the country.

All the defendants in this case have pointed out the former lawyer during their defense presentations and classified him as perverse, inappropriate, corrupt and other offenses for allegedly creating accurate and unsubstantiated indictments.

Some defendants, such as businessman Angel Rondan, further argued that Rodriguez had agreed to an agreement to impeach the leaders of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (BRD) and thus remove him. Case.

Although notorious for his frauds, he acted when Miriam German Brito’s honesty was questioned on the National Magistrates Council, turning the interview into an investigation, and Rodriguez and his administration had other thorny chapters.

Rodriguez was born on May 10, 1975, in the national district of Santo Domingo, and was the Managing Director of the Center for Export and Investment (CEI-RD) of the Dominican Republic.

On August 16, 2016, then-President Danilo Medina was appointed Attorney General, replacing Francisco Tomanjuus Brito, who went into the environment.

At his behest, the Attorney General’s Office was restructured by creating new directorates and divisions such as the Prevention; Organizational integration; Statistics and analysis; Social campaigns; Collaboration management; Assembly and collection development; And those who focus on victims of violence. One of his management’s key projects is to provide students with educational guides on how to prevent gender-based violence and the digitalization of company practices. He also reformed the criminal and prison system, with integrated information from all government agencies.

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In 2012, then-President Danilo Medina appointed him Managing Director of the Center for Exports and Investment of the Dominican Republic, a position he held for four years.

In 1997 he began participating in the public service as an Assistant Attorney for the National District Attorney’s Office. He has since served as legal adviser to the Dominican Telecommunications Company and the Ministry of Tourism, as an alternative judge, and as a member of the National District Board.

In addition, Rodriguez obeyed the law for almost 20 years. After graduating in law from PUCMM (Santo Domingo), he completed three master’s degrees in law at La Sorbonne (Paris), La Sabinza (Rome) and the High School of Public Administration (Rome). General with the best respect.

He has been a professor of law at the country’s faculties for more than 10 years and is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

In CEI-RD (2012-2016)
During his tenure as Director of CEI-RD, the company was awarded the Bronze Medal (2012), the Silver Medal (2013) and finally, two Gold Medals (2014 and 2015) for quality in public service.

He has been a member of the Dominican Liberation Party since the 1990s and has been an elected member of the party’s Central Committee since 2014.

During Danilo Medina’s presidential campaign in 2016, he participated as the national coordinator of the “Digital Republic” program and was the leader of one of the country’s three largest external movements.

Jean-Alain Rodriguez and his wife, Maria Isabel Perez Salend, have assets worth 214 million pesos as reported.

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The pair announced that they have two apartments, priced at 16 million pesos and the other 58 million. The first of the assets is in the name of the former officer and the second in the name of the two.

This announcement includes a vehicle: 2013 Lexus Jeep, priced at RD $ 2 million, in the name of Maria Isabel Perez Saland.