November 28, 2022

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The FBI traveled to Haiti to co-operate with the investigation into the abduction of 17 North American missionaries

Mission Members Ministry of Christian Aid

The United States has sent its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to Haiti to help investigate the abduction of 17 missionaries. Ministry of Christian Aid of the Religious Organization, which includes five minors.

U.S. officials have blamed the kidnapping of one of the most powerful mobs on the Caribbean island, particularly the ‘400 Maoist’ band, Who specializes in smuggling for recovery. The Center for Analysis and Research on Human Rights (CARDH) says they specialize in “collective” hijackings of large groups traveling in buses or cars.

A U.S. security source pointed out CNN In September the mob hijacked “several” trucks from the Dominican Republic and detained them while negotiating their release. In this case, the religious organization had already stated that the hostages had been contacted to begin the negotiation process.

In this contextFBI agents arrive in Port-au-Prince by US plane The abduction took place Saturday after missionaries, 16 Americans and a Canadian, went to an orphanage in the troubled Croix des Pockets, a troubled neighborhood northeast of the Haitian capital.

Thus, the White House spokesman, Jen Psaki, at a news conference, said the FBI was “part of a concerted effort by the U.S. government” to ensure that U.S. citizens involved in the event are safe.

Similarly, the US State Department said the embassy in Haiti was “in constant contact” with the National Police and the religious community, as well as relatives of the abductees.

White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki
White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki

In this sense, the department’s spokesman, Nate Price, noted that the company was “part of a small group that is now on the ground” and that it had come to the Caribbean to “work closely with the Haitian authorities.”

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Security crisis

Haiti faces a growing security crisis, which is compounded by the political, social and migration crisis it has been experiencing for months, especially after the assassination of its leader, Jovnell Moyes.

In this regard, Price noted with Haitian officials, civil society and other actors who assessed the “obligations” of the United States “in the weeks before and after the assassination of President Moyes.”

“It is no secret that Haiti faces serious security issues, which is why our Office of International Drug and Law Enforcement Affairs has trained the Haitian National Police to support its development as a professional and responsible agency that will better address some of these challenges., Pointed out.

Similarly, $ 312 million over the past decade – nearly 270 million euros – has been set aside to strengthen the application of the law and improve the conditions of the National Police, as well as another in recent weeks. $ 15 million – almost 13 million euros – in addition.

For his part, United Nations Secretary-General Stephen Dujarric expressed concern over Fernando Hiraldo, a representative of the United Nations Development Program in Haiti, for the “series of violence, looting, roadblocks and the continued presence of armed groups” as “barriers to humanitarian access”.

“The situation is further complicated by severe fuel shortages and shortages in the supply of goods,” he said. Dujarric also noted that gang violence in the Haitian capital has displaced “at least 19,000 people” and affected “more than 1.5 million women, men and children.”

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