December 1, 2022

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The FBI produces and arrests Dominican weapons and then sends them to the DR

The Dominican Robert Alcondara From 34 He was arrested several years ago and charged with maintaining the factory last Thursday Weapons Ghosts in his house Providence Inside Rhode Island, Which was later abducted Dominican Republic, Your Mom Was in charge of transportation Pistols, Guns and other artefacts to his native country.

For production and transport 15 Pistols Glocks, Alcántara collected $ 9,624 including “tax”.

After he bought the goods, the federal government arrested him legislative Assembly For that Weapons At an exhibition Weapons Inside Morgantown, Pennsylvania, where he invested over $ 16,000.

In his vehicle, the FBI found 46 high-end devices and 45 low-level devices.

Alcondara maintained the YouTube channel, advertised his illegal business, and provided explanations of how he had amassed. Weapons, Shoot them.

Investigators took him to his home Dominican And to the networks they expose.

U.S. for the Southern District in Manhattan Damien Williams It said in a statement that Alcondara was running a deadly business. He was also prosecuted In federal court From Rhode Island.

The Researchers They say Alcondara lied Investigation About his travels Dominican Republic, Where he was depicted on display Pistols He kept the clock and thousands of dollars in a suitcase on the bank’s platform and then uploaded the image to the network.

They also claim to have video and photos of Alcondara as part of undeniable evidence. Weapons, In addition to the text messages he sent to potential customers.

“Everything works. No problem. Very awesome”, Alcondara hears her speaking in English and Spanish in her videos, and in one scene she seems to be shooting something. Pistols Clock 9 mm.

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Alcondara’s Ghost Arms Home Factory”(Home Factory of Weapons Alcondara, ”he captioned on another YouTube video.

According to the government, more than 100 have been sold Weapons On November 20, 2021.

In the 2019 video quoted in the complaint, he shows a homemade 9mm clock, accepting it with an extended press, and then firing.

In one photo, there were five people Pistols Ghosts on a mat with craft instructions.

“As alleged, the defendant agreed to purchase parts of these with others Weapons Fire, collect them at home and then sell more than 100 illegally, ”the file adds.

Alcondara worked with five allies at the end of 2019, the federal government alleges.

According to reports on his signal processor, he spent thousands of dollars on some areas Weapons Every month. He reportedly delivered the bullets to Philadelphia in September and purchased $ 32,000 worth of ammunition in November.

In a series of text messages in July 2021, Alcondara said it could do its part to help a partner. Mom Carry on Weapons Fire with her on a trip from the US Dominican Republic.

“I do not know Mom Will come tomorrow. If you want to send something, ”says the message written in Spanish.

In another speech, he wrote: Weapons They were ready to export Dominican Republic.

If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.