December 10, 2022

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The engine rang! This is how Real Espana’s big win over Victoria in La Ciba was experienced – Tees

No time yet! Real Spain beat Victoria 0-2 with goals from Franklin Flores and Omar Rosas. Convenient win for the ‘Potro’ Goodress team.

95 & # 39; The marker will not be moved. The machine gets three points from La Ziba.

93 ‘With this result, Real Espana adds 22 points and its sixth win.

90 & # 39; Five more minutes have been added to the game.

88 & # 39; Yellow to Carlos Bernardes who tried to deceive the referee with a penalty.

86 ‘ The machine responds! Esa Flores was stopped by a header carrying Carlos Bernardes’ goal stamp. This is Real Espana’s third.

85 & # 39; Renteria lost the center and clear win from the unconnected right.

The machine is closer to the third score than the success of the 82 ‘discount.

80 & # 39; Tarixon Volda’s good pass to Bernardes and the forward could not be defined before the goalkeeper left.

78 ‘ Real Espana’s last change: Daniel Melandes enters Yesit Martinez.

77 & # 39; The game was stopped due to a Martinez problem. The football player asks for help.

74 ‘ U uyyui! Omar Rosas header after Tarixon Volda’s free kick. The Aztecs were looking for his doubling.

72 & # 39; Serious mistake against Carlos Bernardes and a free kick to the machine.

70 ‘Victoria offers very, very low. It didn’t even enforce locally.

68 ‘La’ Jaipur ‘suffered its tenth defeat in the competition. It is difficult to straighten the paths for DT Solomon Nasser.

65 ‘ Victoria’s last changeCarlos Matthew Manor enters for the colon.

63 ‘The local team tries to react, but Real Spain is focused on the defensive zone.

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62 ‘ Victoria made changes: Marcelo Canalas left for Oscar Chuvaso for Domin Ramirez and Josயூ Kalindo.

61 ‘Mexican Omar Rosas does not apologize from the penalty spot and gets 0-2 in favor of the machine.

60 ‘ The cry of the real ESPAÑAAAAA!

59 ‘ Penalty for real Spain! The referee did not hesitate to whistle a false and maximum penalty against Carlos Bernardes who entered the area.

58 ‘ Two more changes to Real Espana: Joe Benavades went to Garcia Jr. and Ramiro Rocca to Carlos Bernardes.

55 ‘ Palo! Shot by Michael Garcia, it hits the post and saves ‘Jaypa’.

53 & # 39; Image filmed by Tarixon Volda while sowing from Esau Flores.

50 & # 39; The game has slowed down in this filling area.

48 ‘ Victoria also moved the bench: Jose Guerrero Alexis Vega, Pedro Hernandez left for Darwin Sanchez and

47 ‘ The visit made two changes: Jason Mejia left for Maron Flores and Michael Garcia, who were instructed for Dorixon Volda.

45 ‘ Second half begins in La Ciba!

The first time is over! Real Spain beat Victoria thanks to a goal from Franklin Flores.

44 & # 39; Last minute played, apparently not included.

43 & # 39; Miguel Carrasco misbehaved on Jose Calindo and the Victorian player takes the worst part. They enter into aids to participate in football.

41 & # 39; Benavades did it and looked for the thread in the left post. We continue 0-1 in favor of Real Spain.

40 & # 39; There is an indictment on Yesit Martinez and a dangerous free kick for the professors.

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38 & # 39; Marcelo Canales tried from a long distance and Perelle caught two parts.

36 & # 39; Manor Colon is now taking on the color yellow.

34 ‘ Sorry machine! Rocca’s cross shot passed with his left foot but was very close.

33 ‘ Canceled! Renteria scored after a denial by Perelle after a free kick, but this line punishes the jurisdiction of the game.

32 & # 39; Franco Flores misbehaved on Pedro Hernandez and has a free kick for the locals.

29 ‘ UUUFFF! Ramiro Rocca was able to get the goalkeeper out of the small area and ran out of the corner as he tried to pass the cross.

28 & # 39; Victoria wants to respond, but it doesn’t work when it comes to the competition area.

25 & # 39; Mayor Colon’s shot goes in the right direction. It seemed like too much drama.

23 ‘Yellow card for Maron Flores. The first warning of the match.

22 ‘ U uyyui! From the left they tried to capture the center and Rocca, but could not connect the ball.

20 & # 39; Success is now in jeopardy when Real Spain surpasses the medullary.

18 & # 39; The home team did not react after scoring the Aurinecross.

15 & # 39; Yeshit Martinez’s shot hits a rival and is in the corner for a visit.

14 & # 39; Franklin joined the Flores attack and entered the area, releasing a cross left foot that was impossible for the goalkeeper.

13 ‘ The cry of the real ESPAÑAAAAAA!

There are still no clear opportunities in the 10 ‘game. A lot is played in the center of the field.

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7 ‘He wants to propose success and is pressed out of the machine.

5 ‘Maron Flores shot from outside the upstairs area.

4 & # 39; Real Spain trying to capture the ball.

2 ‘Marcelo Canales was looking to feed his forward, but the ball was long.

1 It should be noted that in the absence of the ‘booba’ Lopez focusing with the bicolor, Perrelle handles the machine.

– The ball is moved! Victoria and Real Espana meet in La Ciba on the 13th day of the 2021 match.

Of ‘Jaipa Brava’ Solomon Nasser Achieves this stability after being smashed against Motagua (5-0) Comes when the ‘machine’ comes up against Olympiad (1-1).

The Ziba team ranks last in the table with just six points. For their part, the professors are in sixth place with 19 units.

The two clubs have met 158 ​​times throughout history The real Spain 64 wins, Victoria Drawn 41 and 53 times. Aurinecross has not lost in 8 games in the National League against Jaybos.

It should be remembered that there is a lesser game between these two teams because a game was stopped on the first date.

Confirmed rows

Victoria: Edward Isa Flores; Velasquez Colon, Kenneth Hernandez, Pedro Hernandez, Manor Colon, Edwin Alvarez, Marlon Rafael Flores, Jess Marcelo Canales, Edu Giannini Martinez, Andres Murillo Renteria and Josயூ Isaac Carca.

Real Spain: Michael Perelle; Miguel Angel Carrasco, Franco Flores, Franklin Flores, Maron Flores, Alejandro Reyes, Jav Benavades, Jason Mejna, Yesit Martinez, Omar Rosas and Ramiro Rocca.

Table: 7:00 p.m.

Transmission method: Diego game.