November 30, 2022

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The dollar closed at $ 4,081.95 against the dollar and rose more than $ 100 against the TRM.

The dollar averaged $ 4,081.95 on the first trading day of the year, indicating a strong increase of $ 100.79 against the Representative Market Rate (TRM), which stands at $ 3,981.16 today.

The set starting price for the Set-FX operating system was $ 4,050 and the final price was $ 4,070. The day high was $ 4,105.5 and the low was $ 4,036. During the day, $ 504 million was traded through 560 transactions.

The dollar traded higher on Monday against its main rivals, as investors predict that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by 2022, boosting US Treasury yields.

With 5-year bonds, yields on two-year US bonds, sensitive to expectations of rate hikes, have risen to their highest level since March 2020. Meanwhile, in the years of papers 5 and 10 the income has risen by six weeks. Max.

Meanwhile, Govt cases caused by the Omicron variant continue to rise, hoping to avoid economic damage caused by severe locks, while disrupting travel and public services around the world.

On the other hand, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday approved the use of Pfizer (and BioNTech) for children under 12 and 15 years of age, and the time limit for the third dose of Covit-19. All booster shots from 6 months to 5 months after completion of the initial vaccination program.

Oil prices began to recover to US $ 79 in 2022 after a fall in activity this morning, amid rumors that Opec + was ready to accept a new increase in oil production.

US WTI crude was down 0.53% at US $ 74.81 a barrel, while European Brent oil was down 0.24% at US $ 77.59.

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It is hoped that OPEC and its allies will accept increased crude production tomorrow, while the Omigron variant has recorded a number of Govt cases and blunted New Year celebrations around the world, with more than 4,000 flights canceled on Sunday.

“Globally, infection rates are rising, restrictions are being introduced in many countries, and the aviation sector is suffering, among other things, but investor confidence is strong,” said Thomas Varga of PVM, an oil broker.

“Simply put, 2021 has proven that the war against the corona virus is winnable, yet the path to success is paved with unexpected twists and turns,” he added.

On the other hand, many American schools that welcome students to classrooms on Mondays are pushing their start dates, testing students and teachers, and preparing to return to school as a last resort. Govt-19 is spreading across the country as distance learning and recording events.

The oil got something out of the darkness in Libya. Oil production will be reduced by 200,000 barrels a day for a week due to pipe maintenance.

Last year, Brent rose 50%, driven by a global recovery from the Covit-19 epidemic and OPEC + supply cuts, even as infections reached record levels globally.

A report by UBS analysts, including Giovanni Stanovo, says that “crude oil and petroleum prices should benefit from rising oil demand over 2019.” “We expect Brent to rise from $ 80 to $ 90 by 2022.”