December 10, 2022

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The Dictok star takes his life at 19, which is his last video

Dictoker Caitlin’s credit The 19-year-old died tragically after he released a shocking video, which he last produced.

Lone is best known for posting videos with his family and his life on a 600-hectare farm in Australia.

However, on Thursday, July 8, Caitlin committed suicide at the age of 19 Farmers in Tasmania There he was also involved in assessing livestock.

Caitlin became famous in Dictok by documenting her daily life in the northern agricultural industry. Tasmania.

His father, Mr. Philip Lone said, Our loss cannot be described in words. She was a loving and crazy young woman, and she was a precious member of our family. “.

For her part, one of her friends described her as a woman “Bubble Personality and the Heart of Gold”; He also described her as a “very special woman” What “He was loved by many and made many laugh”.

Finally in his message, “We will seriously lose you. Some things will never change again, but you will always be young.”, Read in her letter to shoot her.

The Dictok star takes his life at 19, which is his last video

On June 26, Caitlin released the latest Lipsink video of the popular audio from the Dictoc site, “How far will you drive the girl of your dreams?” In his description, “How about Tasmania? ” With photos of his life with his publication.

This is his last video:

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