September 29, 2022

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The deal between Griezmann and a millionaire was discovered in Barcelona

Barcelona – Antoine Griezmann signed a five-year deal with Barcelona in 2019, which guaranteed him a total of 95 million euros in fixed, accrued salary, which, in the best cases, rose to a bonus of up to 181.5 million. This Sunday the Sport newspaper published details of the contract signed by the striker, sources close to the footballer confirmed the authenticity of ESPN Deportes.

The French footballer, on loan to Atletico de Madrid on the last day of the market, agreed to a transfer fee and bonus from the third season with a growing salary on a five-season deal with Barசாa … Revealed that the benefits combined.

In the two seasons he has played with Bar பார்a Griezmann he has only won one Copa del Rey, which is not included in the awards received by the footballer, which happened with other club players.

In his first and last season alone, Bar பார்a earned a total of .5 46.5 million for the Griezmann seasons, splitting his first year at 25.5 and his second at 21. The difference between the two seasons is the 5 5 million that Barcelona paid him at the time of his signing as a transfer bonus.

The standard salary started at 17 million euros, increasing by one million each season until the 21 he has earned in the 2023-24 season. From here the striker signed on to various bonuses, for which his income would increase significantly.

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Some of them are easy to accomplish, meaning playing 60 percent of the official tournaments that make a profit of 2.5 million a year and others are tied to the team rankings in the Champions League, starting at 500 thousand euros to cross the team level and up to 2 million to win the title.

In the highest case of three wins, Chrisman signed a 4 4 million prize, which was reduced to 3.75 billion if he won the Champions League and League, 2.5 Champions and trophy wins, or only 1.5 wins in the league. Won the Copa del Rey, as happened last season, with no extra income.

He signed a special bonus each season, representing 500 thousand euros for winning the trophy for the best player in the Spanish league and 750 thousand euros for winning the trophy for the best player in the UEFA or FIFA.

In addition, Griezmann noted that he is entitled to a third, loyalty bonus of his contract from this season.

The margin of his salary was correct but it was automatically added. This season 2021-22 he should have collected 7 million euros and 6.5 million in each of the next two.