May 23, 2022

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The Curse Continues: Barcelona SC, without aggressive weight, lost unbeaten in the 2022 Pro League and have yet to win against Liga de Quito at the Rodrigo Pass | National Championship | Sports

Source: Marcelo Callo Ona

Liga de Quito narrowed profits with the leadership of Liga Pro. The Azucena team won 2-0 against Barcelona SC and was three points behind the Bullfighters (19), closing seven games without losing games. Those who have won six and tied one.

The Bullfighters have fallen again in Gaza Blanca, with this new setback they have added 13 games without winning a league since 2017, and have reached 25 years without winning at regular time at White Stadium since taking office in 1997. The Canaries won on penalties. Definition of Title 2020.

The league imposed its rhythm from the start. The white team goes upstairs and hides the width of the pitch, astonishing the hesitant bullfighter.

The locals are worried about the Canary field and it did not take long to open the score. The play began on his own turf, with Joao Artes dominating the edge of the area and presenting a pass to Thomas Molina who crossed for Alexander Alvarado’s appearance, just before the mark defined by the header, just before Pedro Pablo Velasco’s mark. Minute 16 and 1-0 for university students.

Liga stressed that it was more effective in rescuing and shifting to attack than the midfield of bullfighters who could not stop local attacks.

In Barcelona’s problem, Molina made another clear move in the 24th minute, though not connecting effectively, allowing some doubts and goalkeeper Javier Burrell to react in the final shot.

Barcelona were inspired by the actions of Gustavo Cortes, who took charge of the generation of the El Logo bullfighting game that was able to calm Lilly down with the help of Bruno Pinatures from behind in midfield and with the support of Valencia and Berlasa.

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In that awareness came a surprising shot from Jose Quintero, who fired from a corner from outside the box (40 minutes), but the ball was missed over Puroin’s goal.

The move boosted the Assassin fans who pushed their team in the final minutes of the first half to turn off the reaction of Jorge Celico.

Bullfighter DD ordered his team to fill up. The returns of Tito Valencia and Eric Castillo allowed him to strengthen the bar, with the exception of Michael Carcelone, who balanced Michael Carcello in midfield, handled the ball and scored Gonzalo Falcon.

The response of the whites came amidst the control of those bullfighters, two consecutive actions were close to increasing the account.

Defender Jait Romero preceded the attack and played with Molina, who ran out of space in the 54th minute; Following that, Molina stepped on the area but could not connect the ball and Burroughs stopped the ball between his legs.

Barcelona’s toughness in the changes, the league’s reaction and an interim reaction to Carcellen’s dismissal in the 69th minute, due to Alvarado’s mistake, they were alerted when he made the run five minutes earlier. Together.

Despite falling on the field, Barcelona were in control of the game, but fell victim to the league’s uniqueness and a new defensive inconsistency, making it 2-0. Before carelessness, act like the starting goal.

The victory of the whites was sealed in the 85th minute and Barcelona left without any reaction. The appearance of Alvarado’s corner kick and defender Franklin Guevara ended in a surprise 2-0 header into the final, which puts the league on the podium. (D)

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