December 10, 2022

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The Colombian president has ordered the withdrawal of tax reform from Congress

(CNN Espasol) – Colombian President Ivan Duc decided this Sunday to withdraw the tax reform plan, which was tabled by Finance Minister Alberto Karasquila for implementation in the Republican Congress on April 15.

A decision that comes after massive marches and demonstrations in rejecting this plan, which ended in excessive and intense clashes between civilians and civilians.

The tax reform plan, as stated in the text, includes a tax on the basic products of the family basket, an increase in the price of petrol, an expansion of the taxable base of income tax, a uniform tax on higher salaries, a two-year wealth tax, a VAT on funerals and internet services.

According to the finance minister, the fundraiser sought to raise the equivalent of $ 6,000 million a year in resources that could pursue social programs that help the poor and those who have lost everything due to cowardice. -19 Infection.

However, the reform was not well received by Colombians who have taken to the streets since last Wednesday, and have been called by organizers of a so-called national strike to reject the new tax announcements. Many of these demonstrations ended in violence, violence and violence. Hundreds of civilians and police were injured and many were killed amid clashes in cities such as Bogota, Galle and Medellin.

Colombia: 6 killed during protests 4:02

There was a consensus among almost all political parties that the reform was timely and inconvenient due to the moment of crisis the country was experiencing in economic matters.

Within it Address this Sunday He called for the urgent implementation of a new text as a result of the consensus that includes recommendations from various political and social sectors that reform is still necessary to clean up the state’s funds and pursue social programs. “Avoid Financial Uncertainties”.

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