November 30, 2022

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The club that raises its hand to take the “Seacode” Calderon from Sivas

MX League

Hert enters the player list to change teams and make a profit for him.

© Figure 7“Cicode” Calderon would be the perfect bargaining chip

Sivas of Guadalajara They do not have sufficient financial resources to obtain the necessary reinforcements Clausura 2022 Competition, The reason is that the workers they lead use their own assets to reach agreements in favor of the arrival of new components Marcelo Michael Liano That traveled this Friday Look at Christmas to start the preseason.

+ Shivas Stove football heading to the 2022 Glasura of the MX League

Who is one of the football players in this regard Christian Calderon obligated with the T-shirt of the Holy Shepherd, From Nexus in 2019 And he only has views of his good football Startup League 2020, He scored two shorts for the United States, but since then he has gone unnoticed.

Unofficial versions point to the departure of “Cicode” in Sivas a few weeks ago It’s like a bargaining chip Bring reinforcement and UANL tigers They were one of the interested parties, but the title was not enough. In this winter market, the name of the talented attacking midfielder who can also play as a right back came to light again.

TUDN spokeswoman Diana Mecca revealed it After Rubens left Sambouza, Toluca became interested in Calderon’s services. It will be one of the candidates together Guillermo Pol Fernandez de Cruz Azul Join the order of Red demons It will now be ordered by a technician Ignacio Ambris.

“Paul Fernandez is wanted by #Toluca, so he and #CruzAzul will try to offer an attractive opportunity. Another player who loves the Devils in the face of # CL2022 is ‘Cicode’, The journalist posted on his Twitter account.

What is the value of Christian Calderon?

L “Chicode” joined Sivas as part of the reinforcements that came in 2019 With Uriel Antuna, Jesus Anglo and Alexis Pena, “Canelo” was only effective for Rojiplankos. In the case Whip, His relationship with Guadalajara ends in December 2023, with a letter worth approximately $ 2.2 million, according to the Transfermark portal.

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