December 7, 2022

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The CDC ship that arrived in Puerto Rico today is under investigation

The Disease Control Centers (CDC, for its acronym in English), began an investigation into the Carnival Cruise Line’s Marty Cross ship that arrived in Puerto Rico this morning.

According to Data provided According to the chart released by the CDC, the ship is inside Yellow level, As they say, its meaning The trial limit was exceeded or exceeded Govt-19 cases in group or passengers.

The local health department, which was aboard the ship before arriving in Puerto Rico, reported the COVID-19 cases to passengers to the CDC within 5 days of landing.

The Marty Cross It was anchored at Pier 4 in Old San Juan at 7 a.m. and marked the return of these expeditions to the island after being closed for more than a year.

To reach Puerto Rico, the ship must certify that at least 95% of its passengers and crew have been vaccinated. In addition, unvaccinated passengers were unable to disembark despite a negative test.


Information about ships will be updated regularly

The CDC Updated travel data today and if they are under investigation or tracking.

Those who have Verde This means that the ship did not report COVID-19 cases Orange You have reported COVID-19 cases, but you are below the CDC limit to begin the investigation.

The Red The ship has met or exceeded the limit of COVID-19 cases between crew members and passengers, so the voyage must return to its original location.

The condition of the ships depends on the daily submission of the form to be provided for each voyage.

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When a vessel notifies the CDC of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases on board, the CDC determines whether an investigation is necessary based on a predetermined range.

The color assigned to the ship is determined by tracking data from the previous 7 days – beyond travel dates – and the findings of the CDC investigation.

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