May 20, 2022

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The “cat” saved them! Benzema wins Real Madrid victory over Rayo, gaining more advantage than Sevilla in the table


85 ‘ Double transformation of Irola. Alvaro and Trejo exit, and Silla and Enteca enter.

83 ‘ This is Benzema’s goal

82 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Benzema Vinicius and La Liga appeared after playing with high scores.

80 ‘ Double the savings from Cordois! The Belgian player took Trejo’s ball first and then Iger Casillas took another shot.

79 ‘ Change at Real Madrid, Rodrigo enters, Asencio exits.

78 ‘ Catana gets yellow for dropping Benzema in midfield and misses the next game due to defender accumulation.

72 ‘ Mail! The biggest pass filtered from Valverde to Modric, he shoots, and the metal returns the shot. The game did not count as the Croatian was offside.

71 ‘ Double change in Rayo, Sergei Cardiola and Baby exit, IC Balason and Radamel Falcao enter.

67 ‘ Brave Luca Zidane! Valverde goes for the goal and the goalkeeper comes out with a big cut on Uruguay, a father flashes.

65 ‘ The first change in Royo, Pathe Siss enters and leaves the wounded Oscar Valentin after Casimiro enters.

64 ‘ Now Ballio got a yellow card for stopping Vinicius with his hands. We have five yellows.

62 ‘ Mendy’s fault on Ballio and he gets a yellow card, fourth in the match. Party friction.

60 ‘ We turn the page, switch to Real Madrid, turn to Ancelotti Casimiro and enter FedE Valverde.

53 ‘ Real Madrid began to lose patience. The white team needs a goal.

48 ‘ Another defeat on Casimiro’s delivery, Ray came out at full speed, Alvaro crossed, but could not find a finisher.

46 ‘ The second half starts at Valegas.

45 + 2 ‘ First Half Result: Real Madrid tried on all sides to draw 0-0 against Rayo Vallecano.

Four. Five ‘ Benzema had! In the ready game, Cruz’s cross, Milito heads, Karim came out and hit the ball with a star head on the body of Luca Zidane.

42 ‘ The first yellow card went to Oscar Valentine for his mistake on Benzema and Roy.

40 ‘ Destination canceled! Advance Cosmiro.

39 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Real Madrid, Carlos Casimiro opens the score after winning the air match against Catana. The play should be reviewed in VAR for possible offside.

37 ‘ Real Madrid have to be patient because Rayo is well covered behind.

32 ‘ Benzema Offside, Catena saved under the sticks.

25 ‘ Cardiola again! Rayo replied, after a center of Alvaro Garcia’s header, the ball went close and if it went towards the goal, there was nothing for Cordois to do.

23 ‘ Luca Zidaneee! Goalkeeper denies goal, who do you think? Marco Asensio faced the winger, cut inside, took the shot and the goalkeeper saved very well.

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Twenty ‘ Ascenzio Real Madrid’s most dangerous player, neither Benzema nor Vinicius had a comfortable game.

16 ‘ Oooooooo! Nearby Royo picked up a header for Sergi Cardiola, which went into the hands of Cordois, who, almost as he freed it, had the ball in both halves.

Fifteen ‘ The game falls into intensity, but the tone is the same; Dominates Real Madrid.

10 ‘ BobbyEee! The Portuguese from Rio responded with a shot that went through the side web of Crdoba.

9 ‘ Near Vinicius! Brazil’s personal game against, outscored his rivals, shot, but the ball went wide.

8 ‘ The game is clear, Real Madrid dominate, and Rayo Vallecano oppose.

4 ‘ Asencio again! Now Casimiro has recovered, he worked for Benzema, he passed to Marco, he took the shot, but his shot went into the center of Zidane’s position.

1 ‘ Ascenzio had! Carvajal crossed between the lines, Marco defined, but his right shot was stopped by Luca Zidane. It started all over Madrid.

Start the game in Vallagas!

Confirmed Rows:

Vallegano Ray: Luca Zidane; Balliu, Catena, Mario Suarez, Fran Garcia; Comesana, Oscar Valentine; Baby, Trejo, Alvaro and Sergi Cardiola.

Real Madrid: Cordois; Carvajal, Militavo, Nacho, Mendi; Casimiro, Cruz, Motric; Asencio, Vinicius and Benzema.