The Cat Empire Gives Vancouver A Cinematic Experience


The Cat EmpireThe Cat Empire
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC
July 18, 2010

By Mhelanni Gorre

I didn’t really know much about Cat Empire when my editor asked me to cover the show, but I curiously said yes. I knew friends of mine were fans and had fun at their shows, so why not?

I can honestly say that I would gladly go to their concert again! These Melbourne, Australian boys were on tour promoting their new CD titled “Cinema” and they performed at the Commodore in Vancouver just this last Friday night. This popular venue was packed! The floor was dense with eager fans who knew exactly what to expect, whereas I didn’t.
What I didn’t expect were melodic rhythms, pulsating percussion, and a horn section that can’t be beat! They opened with their single “Call Me Home”. The deep percussion provided by Will, and sometimes accompanied by lead singer Felix, really drove the need to move your feet. And the Empire Horns? Any band that has a full horn section gets a thumbs-up in my books. They lent a terrific sound that is not very common in music nowadays.

Obviously you can’t talk about these boys without mentioning the vocal styling’s of Harry, who alongside Felix, provides some lead vocals and plays the trumpet. For their encore, they performed “The Chariot” which the audience sang along with arms in the air.

The pit/dance floor was a sweaty mass of bodies that jumped, sang, and danced along to every song. The only way to cool off was to either take a sip of your beer or be one of the lucky ones to catch a slight breeze coming from an air shaft. Many times it felt as if I was in an exotic dancehall with a terrific live band. The light show created great ambiance and just perpetuated that exotic dancehall feel, although it did provide for difficult photographing.

It’s easy to dance to the Cat Empire and it’s hard not to like this band. The Cat Empire is truly a fun and enjoyable live act. You are guaranteed to have a good time at their show and you’ll quickly become a fan as I have. I am going to start listening to their studio work and can only hope that it lives up to their live music.

The Cat Empire

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