August 20, 2022

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The boxer who “fought with a ghost” dies

Shock in South Africa: When rival Siphesihle Mntungwa looks on in amazement, Simiso Buthelezi throws punches into the air; A few hours later, he died of his first brain injury.

A dangerous situation Lived in Durban, South Africa last weekend. Simiso Puthelessi and Sibesihle Mundungwa star in a boxing match for the vacant African Federation lightweight belt. LThe fight ended abruptly In the last round, the first to dominate the development He began to throw blows as if fighting a demon, Forcing the referee to finish the match. The boxing world was shocked when Butlesi’s family and boxing South Africa announced his passing.

South African professional boxer Died after being admitted to hospital After his struggle against Mntungwa. According to Boxing South Africa, his student Begi Mngomesulu died of a brain haemorrhage in the last few days after doctors said his student was in a coma and had been diagnosed with a “brain haemorrhage due to a blow to the head”. Hrs. I am 24 years old.

“At the end of their fight, Mr. Butlesi collapsed and was taken to hospital, where he suffered a brain injury and internal bleeding,” the South African agency said. “At the hospital, Mr Butlesi received excellent treatment, but he died of his injuries,” he added.

“I can not really explain what really happened. It was tense, but in his training and preparation for the fight, there was nothing wrong with his position. He was fine before the fight,” said Butlesi’s coach.

The tenth round of the fight was over, and in the middle of Patlessi’s attack, his rival was about to fall between the ropes, and had to be caught so as not to leave the ring. At that point, the referee asked Butlesi to go to the neutral corner and Mundungwa waited for him to return to the ring. When the third person was satisfied that the boxer who had returned from between the ropes could continue, he resumed the action. There Lived a shocking film: When Butlesi seemed to be about to bang to the knockout, instead of heading towards the opponent, he went to the side and started throwing punches into the air, as if fighting a ghost.

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The boxer threw the impact to nothing and turned his back on the opponent, who was watching the ridiculous scene with surprise. Quickly, the referee hugged Buttelesi and showed the end of the fight, which was won by Mntungwa TKO in the tenth round. Badlesi was removed from the ring and transferred to a health center for examination, where he eventually died.

Boxing South Africa says fights and deaths are under investigation. The dead athlete, who failed in the ring before Sunday’s fight, recently graduated from college with a degree in botany and zoology.

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