July 6, 2022

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Roman Reigns made his presence felt in the high-stakes main event.

The best and worst of SmackDown

The latest episode of SmackDown is featured in the books, and as always, it’s time for another edition of Sportskeeda’s Best and Worst. The men and women of the blue brand brought the A game tonight as the show saw some big moments.

WWE Busy setting the stage for Hell in a Cell, with some ongoing storylines seeing some twists and turns. While there were many positive takeaways, SmackDown also had some flaws.

On that note, let’s take a look at what worked and what didn’t work on the May 20 episode of SmackDown:

#3. Best: Tag Team Title Consolidation Main Event

This week’s SmackDown was a premium live event with a unification match as the main title. The Usos created history by uniting the RAW and SmackDown Tag Titles by defeating the RK-Bro.

While the match was satisfactory, the booking made it even better as it was reasonable from multiple points of view. For starters, Team Usos had to win to add to Bloodline’s unbeatable aura. The Samoan outfit seemed exceptional during the Six Belts celebration after a violent showdown event.

WWE made all the right decisions with an eye on the immediate future of The Bloodline and RK-Bro. In addition to The Usos’ victory, WWE has also cleverly planted the seeds for the rise of a promising contender for Roman times.

The Clan Chief intervened in the match and pushed Riddle off the top rope before Jay Frog Splash won. Angle seems to have prepared Riddle vs. Reigns for Money in the Bank, which sounds like a potential show theft.

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#2. Worst: Butch vs. Xavier Woods

While we are enjoying watching Xavier Woods And Butch’s performance, it became tiring to watch the exact match repeated for weeks.

New Day’s feud with Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch has been going on forever. To make matters worse, WWE isn’t planning to pull the plug out of the corner either, as this was Woods and Butch’s third singles match on SmackDown since the first week of April.

It looks like WWE writers are running out of story ideas while fans are running out of patience. It is not beneficial for the talent in question because it does not get positive feedback. The company is working towards a six-player tag team match, which we hope will mark the end of this needlessly long story.

#2. Best: The Beginning of Gunther vs. Ricochet

As seen on SmackDown, Gunther skipped Drew Gulak and launched a post match attack after winning. bouncing back He confronted the former NXT UK Champion and effectively started their feud.

WWE rarely makes things right with one of their minor titles. To the credit of the upgrade, the judges are headed in the perfect direction with the Intercontinental Championship. From a stylistically speaking, Gunther vs.Ricochet is a great dream match.

Ricochet requires powerful opponents for the masses to speak of his reign. A story with a new Gunther and it could spawn some classic interstellar matches. The unparalleled aerial prowess of The One and Only is the perfect match for Gunther’s ruthless attack, and we can’t wait to see them produce magic at a high-profile WWE event.

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The whole angle could get a lot more interesting if Gunther takes the championship. You can see why it’s a “best for business” decision. here.

#1. Best/Worst: LA Knight debuts in SmackDown as Max Dupri

It’s getting harder to keep track of Shaun Ricker’s names in episodes!

IMPACT Wrestling fans knew him as Eli Drake. NXT viewers grew to love him as a LA Knight. The main WWE roster audience has now been introduced to his new avatar, Max Dupre.

Nearly every NXT talent undergoes a name change before being called up, which is the biggest reason why LA Knight/Max Dupri’s debut is a bit weird. At SmackDown, he was revealed as CEO of “Maximum Male Models,” which means he’ll likely be a director.

However, the man behind the stunt is a talented performer in and out of the ring. The 39-year-old astonishingly earned a comedic name as LA Knight in NXT. We are absolutely confident that Max Duprey remains a more acceptable alternative, and will have no problems getting the most out of what is given to him.

The former IMPACT World Champion has waited a long time to make it onto the WWE main roster, and despite the odd show, Max Dupri could become a household name among Smackdown fans.

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