September 29, 2022

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The Atletico de San Luis player tried to fight with the fans

Mexico City /

Return of fans Alfonso Lastras It was so confusing, the episodes were cloudy in the afternoon Many problems It happened throughout the meeting, and even after that On the outskirts of the block.

How it looked during the meeting The fans tried to hit each other With the cops, although it was not so embarrassing, but many other situations occurred, among them Flu of Juan Esquarto, who He tried to go up to the roster to fight With Potos followers.

At the end of the game, the Uruguayan went to the dressing room, although he mentions the other team, which is down the percentage table after the 4-1 defeat against Puebla.

When the animation reaches the area where a large group is placed, Made of words with them Despite the heat, she looked for stairs to face them Security intervened To prevent this from happening to adults.

We can’t say we are in favor, but it is fair. The player fights, works and sweats. The player is insulted, the player does not want to lose, the foreigner leaves the family, he is injured, but People want to win, they don’t say the reason, The heart moves forward. You need to understand both areas. This is not fair, but I understand it, “said Lionel Rocco’s aide, Garcia.

Violence outside Alfonso Lastras

Another episode of violence took place in the parking lots of Alfonso Lostros Stadium, where Potosino fans beat each other with supporters traveling from Puebla.

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