September 30, 2022

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Tesla driver charged with manslaughter for causing accident while on autopilot


19 ene 2022 01:45 GMT

Two people were killed in the crash in December 2019.

Prosecutors in California (USA) recently filed a car homicide charge against a Tesla driver, who died in an auto pilot after he was hit by another car while driving a red light.

Kevin George Aziz Riyadh, 27, was the first person to be charged in the United States with a fatal accident while using an automatic driving system. In December 2019 at an intersection in the Los Angeles suburb of Gordona, his Tesla Model S collided with a high-speed red light driver Honda Civic car with an automotive pilot.

Two Honda passengers died at the scene and Riyadh and his accomplice were hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

The charges against Riyadh, who is currently out on bail pending trial, were filed last October, although they were only made public last week. Reported AP Company.

This has been confirmed by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration The automatic pilot function was active at the time of the accident. However, lawyers do not mention it because the driver is always responsible when driving behind the wheel.

In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board has expressed concern and condemned the tendency of drivers to rely on the autopilot for other activities while the vehicle is in motion.

The families of the victims, Gilberto Alcázar López, 40, and María Guadalupe Nieves-López, 39, sued Tesla, arguing that it was selling faulty vehicles that could suddenly accelerate. Without effective automatic emergency braking system. In addition, they sued Riyadh for negligence in a separate operation.

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Bryant Walker Smith, a law professor, told the AP that if the electric vehicle company was responsible for the use of dangerous technology in the Honda Civic, it would be “criminal, civil or morally responsible” for the death of the occupants of that vehicle. From the University of South Carolina.

For its part, Tesla has warned its customers that it does not have an automated pilot or its new and sophisticated fully autonomous driving system. Can go on the road without human help, And drivers are expected to pay attention even if these methods are implemented.