Tek War – The Complete Series. – DVD Review

Tek War

If the success of Star Trek wasn’t enough for William Shatner, he had to branch out and write his own successful science fiction saga – Tek War. The popular novels set the tone for four feature length films and one season of really exciting television. Alliance Home Media has collected the complete works in a 7 DVD set available only in Canada and it’s the first time the feature films have been released on DVD anywhere.

Tek War is set in the year 2045, where an addictive computer-based reality drug called "tek" has ignited a war that stretches throughout society. Recruited by a mysterious benefactor to stop the advancing drug is Jake Cardigan (Melrose Place' s Greg Evigan), a cop who teams up with a colorful array of partners as the government plots to stop him from revealing the truth.

Although the production, which began in 1994, is creeping closer to 20 years old, the transfer to DVD could have been a lot better – if they can make the 1960s Batman series look like its brand new, then Tek War should look like a masterpiece. There are nasty colour bleeds on the titles and credits, and it has a bit of a video tape look to it throughout, but the chances are pretty good that it was sent to DVD from a 20 year old tape source and not a master.

For all the faults of the transfer, Tek War is a fantastic watch, especially with the feature films included. Evigan is great as Cardigan, Shatner is the one and only and Sheena Easton convincingly pops up as Warbride. Canadian actress Torri Higginson was also exciting as Beth Kittridge and her short-lived level 10 android clone.

Tek War was a series of well written novels and even more solid as a film and television production. It’s not Star Trek, but it’s a lot closer to home than the Enterprise could ever be.