December 10, 2022

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Table of Results and Levels Caribbean Series 2022

Today Saturday, January 29th 2022, Three matches associated with the second day of the 64th edition Caribbean Series Then we show you Results And this Desk From Positions.

Table of Levels of the Caribbean Series 2022

  1. Dominican Republic Giants (3-0) – AVG 1,000 (No draw against Colombia this Monday 01/31)
  2. Navigators from Venezuela (3-1) – AVG .750 DIF 0.5
  3. Caymanes de Colombia (2-1) – AVG.667 DIF1 (No result against the Dominican Republic this Monday 01/31)
  4. Charros (2-2) – AVG .500 – DIF 1.5 from Mexico
  5. Panama Astronauts (1-3) – AVG .250 – DIF 2.5
  6. Creole in Puerto Rico (0-4) – AVG .000 – DIF 3.5

In the first match, Panama’s astronauts and Colombia’s Caymans clashed, giving us a vibrant match that ended in a victory for the “coffee” cast, which left the Panamanians on the field with the victory of Harold Ramirez of the big league. .

In the second hour, Venezuela’s Navegantes del Magallanes beat Mexico’s Charros de Jalisco and added the first victory of the 2022 Caribbean series, highlighting the performance of opener Yohander Méndez and the timely attack of Danry Vásquez and Pablo Sandoval.

The Dominican team banged back, honoring the local spots and beating Puerto Rico’s Creole, with Robinson Cano’s excellent attacking contribution, driving by three runs. In addition, you can add the excellent work of starter Raul Valdes.


  • Crocodiles of Colombia 6 – 5 Astronauts of Panama

Winning Pitcher: Sugar Ray Marimon

Pitcher Bertader: Aptil Oscar Saldana

  • Sarros 0 – 5 from Mexico Navecondes from Venezuela

Winning Pitcher: Johandar Mendes

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The Losing Pitcher: Manuel Antonio Barreta

  • Creole 3 of Puerto Rico – 5 giants of the Dominican Republic

Winning Pitcher: Raul Waltz

Pitcher Bertter: Eric Stout

Upcoming Games (Sunday, January 30)

  • Charros vs Colombia from Mexico to Caymans (10:00 am)
  • Venezuela’s Navegandus vs. Creolos from Puerto Rico (3:00 pm)
  • Panama Astronauts vs Dominican Republic Giants (8:00 pm)

All times are from the Dominican Republic.