December 10, 2022

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Sussex-based Megan wins war: her case leads to paparazzi agency bankruptcy | nnda nnni | People

A paparazzi photography company filed for bankruptcy this week Megan de Sussex. What happened? Financial status of Splash News & Image Company Accordingly, the million dollars demanded by the Duchess could not be paid to him .

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The COVID-19 epidemic forced all celebrities to stay home Cut off paparazzi income, But, in addition, it has financially dried up their legal battle against actors, actresses, musicians and celebrities in general, which has been significant for many years.

Splash News & Image Company You are going to lose a case Megan of Sussex sued him for publishing some of his personal photos, so their owners decided to declare bankruptcy. The agency’s situation is such that Megan says she can’t afford it.

“Splash’s financial problems come from three sources”Its chairman Emma Curzon says in a statement filed as part of the bankruptcy. “First as a result of a global epidemic […] The situation has worsened Two consecutive cases Expenses to defend these cases “.

In one of two cases, Splash fights with Megan for some photos “Private Family Travel” To a park in Canada. Photographs taken in January 2020 showed the Duchess of Sussex on Vancouver Island walking her two dogs with her young son Archie.

In another case in which Splash Agency is in court and in financial trouble, its own former account manager, Esmeralda Cervin, has been implicated, she says. Victim of sexual harassment During the time he worked for the company.

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