December 10, 2022

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Suriname’s vice-president made history by playing in the CONCACAF League against Olympia, but could not come to Honduras

The surprises in football have not diminished and Ronnie Brunswick One of them. Chairman Inter Moengotapoe, Vice President Suriname, A former guerrilla and accused of being a Dutch drug smuggler, played 53 minutes against Olympia in the Concacaf League today.

Ronnie Brunswick. Concacaf League, Because he had only participated in friendly games before.


Surinamer is not alone, because his son, Damien Brunswick, Playing with the 10th number he started the match against Olympia Damiani He left the field in the 26th minute of the match.

L President de Suriname, Ronnie Brunswick. Photo: NY Times

The president of the South American club, who came from a peasant family, and left his village for a better life, has for many years become a former guerrilla, footballer and politician for the small country in the north of South America. Brazil But in football it belongs to the Congolese.

Brunswick He was accused of drug trafficking in Europe, but he helped establish democracy in his homeland. His generosity has earned him a nickname Robin Hood And the cult of his followers, but it has called into question the wealth of many Surinamese and their political motives.

The 61-year-old footballer will not be in the return match against Olympia next week because he cannot be charged with drug trafficking and leave his country. Ronnie Brunswick broke the record for the oldest player to ever play in an official Conclave.

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